Thursday, November 8, 2018

If only Chukwu had a twitter account

Excerpt from the book Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari

Throughout history most gods were believed to enjoy not omnipotence but rather specific super-abilities such as the ability to design and create living beings; to transform their own bodies; to control the environment and the weather; to read minds and to communicate at a distance; to travel at very high speeds; and of course to escape death and live indefinitely. Humans are in the business of acquiring all these abilities, and then some. Certain traditional abilities that were considered divine for many millennia have today become so commonplace that we hardly think about them. The average person now moves and communicates across distances much more easily than the Greek, Hindu or African gods of old. 

For example, the Igbo people of Nigeria believe that the creator god Chukwu initially wanted to make people immortal. He sent a dog to tell humans that when someone dies, they should sprinkle ashes on the corpse, and the body will come back to the life. Unfortunately, the dog was tired and he dallied on the way. The impatient Chukwu then sent a sheep, telling her to make haste with this important message. Alas, when the breathless sheep reached her destination, she garbled the instructions, and told the humans to bury their dead, thus making death permanent. This is why to this day we humans must die. If only Chukwu had a twitter account instead of relying on laggard dogs and dim-witted sheep to deliver his messages! 


Sigh. If only.

Now we know why we die?


Sunday, June 11, 2017

Magnificent and picturesque vistas of Kinnaur and Spiti

Presenting here some panoramic shots of the magnificent valleys of Kinnaur and Spiti. I have tried to post one or two photographs from every place we visited. These photographs are no where close to what we witnessed in person, but it may try to bring back the moment captured from the gorgeous valleys.

Click on the photograph for an enlarged view. 

Kinnaur Kailash Range seen from Kalpa 2960m

End of Kinnaur and Start of Spiti Valley (3200m)
Nako Lake - a high altitude lake in Kinnaur at the elevation of 3660m. 

Vistas around Nako Lake 3660m

Panoramic view of the Kaza town - the subdivisional headquarters of Lahaul and Spiti district (3800m)

Spiti river gorgeously flowing at Kaza (3800m)

Stupa at the River in Kaza. Kaza town to the right. 

Snowing at the peak overlooking Keeh monsatery

Keeh monastery 

Khibber village at 4270m

Khibber village at 4270m

Huge gorge and Chicham Khas village at the elevation of 4300m

Gorgeous Spiti river during the sunset 3800m

Mud village in Pin valley at 3500m. Mud is also the last village in the valley that connects Pin Parvathi pass or Bhaba pass

Mud village and the glacial stream flowing through the valley joining Pin river

Fukchung village and Pin river. Fukchung is a village of 3 houses at the beginning of Pin Valley

Nyingmapa Stupa - the highest point before reaching Demul (4400m)

Nyingmapa stupa - the highest point before reaching Demul (4400m)

Demul village at 4320m 

Komic ('Ko' - snow cock, 'Mic' - eye), situated at an elevation of 4513m is one of the highest villages in Asia and literally means the eye of a snow cock.
The Tangyud Monastery or Sa-skya-gong-mig Gompa at the village Komic

The entry door of the Tangyud Monastery at Komic

Prayer flags at the Tangyud Monastery at Komic overlooking the village. The village has 13 houses. 

A short trek to Hikkim village that hosts the worlds highest post office at 4440m

Langza - The fossil village in Spiti valley at 4325m

Langza village with the backdrop of Mt Chau Chau Kang Nilda (CCKN) peak (6300m)

The statue of Budha at Langza with the backdrop of Mt Kanamo and Mt Chau Chau Kang Nilda

Tabo monastery founded by the Buddhist king (and Royal lama) Yeshe O'd in 996 CE in the Tibetan year of the Fire Ape at 3280m  

Tabo village at 3280m overlooking the caves that are 1000 year old
Photographs by Srikanth Parthasarathy.


Thursday, January 26, 2017

winter drizzle

tis' drizzling outside
on a peak winter Thursday night
am sitting numb inside
waiting badly for the moonlight

there's a lonely tree outside
seen through a fog covered streetlight
am peeking through the window side
but dogs are not in my sight

tis' very cold outside
rain drops are frozen in the light
and even birds decided to hide
leaving me in alone in the night


Sunday, November 6, 2016

What job did you hire that product to do?

Excerpt from the book Competing Against Luck by Clayton M. Christensen

As W. Edwards Deiming, the father of the quality movement that transformed manufacturing, once said: "If you do not know how to ask the right question, you discover nothing." After decades of watching great companies fail over and over again, I've come to the conclusion that there is, indeed, a better question to ask: What job did you hire that product to do?

For me, this is a neat idea. When we buy a product, we essentially "hire" something to get a job done. If it does the job well, when we are confronted with the same job, we hire that same product again. And if the product does a crummy job, we "fire" it and look around for something else we might hire to solve the problem. 

Every day stuff happens to us. Jobs arise in our lives that we need to get done. Some jobs are little, some are big. Some surface unpredictably, some regularly. Other times we know they're coming. When we realise we have a job to do, we reach out and pull something into our lives to get the job done. 


Couldn't agree more! Indeed a great question to ask! 


Saturday, October 29, 2016

Happy Deepavali!

It's that time again....
trees look depressed
birds get tensed
dogs are scared
cats are not seen
air turns dark
clouds are on fire
silence gets broken

Let's make it safe... for all!
Happy Deepavali!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Wider scapes of Meruti!

A long journey started some years ago, came to a beautiful end this time. Thanks to all the beautiful people around and a bit of luck on my part to witness the magic! Here are some panoramic photographs from Meruti and around.

Altitude of the peak is around 1600m and one can see Kalasa to the South, Billal Koppa to the north, And Neral Katte, Bikarana Katte and Basri Katte to the North East.

(Click on the photographs to enlarge them)

Those pink wild flowers are orchids - Satyrium nepalense 

Peak was always hidden in the clouds

Cloud play - open on one side and closed on the other

View from the peak

Beautiful coffee estate and old malenad house we stayed

Kyatanamakki - A place once known for naxals

Kallu Gopura near Kogare

Mural on the rock 

Our last place of stay in Basrikatte 

Saturday, July 23, 2016



Chi chec chikor tui
bae bak bareal lay
kha thu bhom bei kui
ciay ples badam tay

bas bho serp thari
mei gympa tori satay
phet hum biyo vami
jaja jaja hola groy

la'la fraco poiu bampa
you na you ha you ja
ni ni mai hagi kampa
bal bali kati lama ya

vabi bhi dash dashi
giypo jari lanka bhel
nume bavi zorba haki
qiqi porta numba hesel

~ Srik