Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Eskool! - The Making

Well... its all in the game! as sup always says...
I do agree.. its just all in the game of life.. but eskool.. our dream project is just born and keeping it alive taking whole of our lives.. guys lemme tell you.. Neva gonna forget all these moments which am experiencing now!

it was just another Saturday May 31st 2008, i was painting the eskool door wall, thats when i realized what am i doing here...? whoz this Sup.. Ragu.. Hari n all ... is this the dream or am i really painting the door??? Yes... the last two days before the school gonna start and there was so much pending work.. Sup with all the computer cables and Ragu cleaning all the tables... phew! carpenters still working on the tables so that we can accommodate 15 computers... time went by and realized that we forgot our dinner completely... drove to the empire on MG Road and had dosa chicken (thats for sup.. i just had Veg dosa!!).

Eyes opened to a Sunday the last day before the school starts.. Carpenters still sleeping... Ragu waiting for us near the gate.. lots of pending works.. Networking, software installations, Center table for teachers, chairs, lighting and major breakdown with the UPS batteries.. expensive breakdown too ... i still wonder how did we complete all these in one day..

June 02, 2008.. as scheduled, the school reopens and Eskool takes birth! all the students and teachers were thrilled to watch the new rejuvenated computer lab called eskool computer lab! Red and Blue colors all over and brightness within. Distributed sweets and chocolates for all the students and teachers... all excited faces but lot of appreciations as well!

Well.. thats about how it got kicked off...but after that.. everyday phone calls from teachers saying " sup.. there is a problem with the 5th system's mouse.. 7th system is getting hanged.." Phew! we getting hanged ourselves... but still.. we have our madhu... on call he will be there at the school at his own created time and day! but completes the work though! thank goodness calls are reduced by the 3rd week... wow! watte fun being associated with this initiative...

am happy the way things are happening. There are lot of ups and downs in the process which we are facing every day every minute. Phone calls, Sms, Gtalk chats… many modes of communication. I am not finding any difference in the amount of work we are doing every day / every night / weekends, getting irritated, frustrated, being silent, small failures, arranging for money, having dinner at 2am early morning, skipping lunch, painting walls, cleaning computers, sweeping, driving crazy, silly fights, getting angry at things, stupid decisions...

Phew! I’m just loving it.


Harish said...

Hey Sri,
More than your literary skills i can see the zeal to achieve something which we all had dreamt of....Keep going man.Your energy is a great inspiration. Sup... its great thinking to begin eskool and hats off for the amount of hardwork and dedication poured (and of course the money)to keep it going and hope i can catch up and match you in near future.......also in size :).....Rag is solid as usual and surprises me more often with his simplicity notwithstanding the great work he is doing.

Supreeth said...

A Dream which was constant day after day...as finally become reality! We have something that we can call...hey Itz Ours :). Its been an Amazing journey so far...am luving each and every moment of this. Guyz its juz the boot camp...we hav to reach the summit! Sri...ure goin to be our official Blogger ;) Cheers!

Maathungi said...

Hey 1st of al...congrats on ur 1st post!! I must say...i love the 'Eskool' and the logo. Aft reading your post i still rememb u telling me about painting doors and installing PCs etc.

All my appreciation for your initiative.

PS. It ll be good if you can add some pics of the lab in the blob. :)

sajana said...

Hey dear Best Friend i am so proud of you!!! You are going to be an inspiration for lot of youngsters i bet!
your hardwork and struggle along with support from your team members will take you to places and as i say always.. those days are not very far when all ur dreams will come true.
Congrats to the team of Eskool!!

Manjula said...

Hey Guys, Its a sudden and a pleasent surprize for me. OR may be i was out of this online world for sometime to see your blog.

Whatever, Great going, good to see you guys with something big, good and ofcourse n' asusual innovative move. Congrats to all.

I am very happy :)

Raghu said...

Hi Sri,

It is nice to see your new avatar as a blogger. Idu Krishana innondu avatarana? Well, I am happy to recollect the memories of those 2 crazy nights (rainy day with thunder and lightning with the appearance of a Ghost. I really pity you)which we spent in the school campus followed by crazy drive in the midnight to airport. I am happy to say that we are doing all this! Still unbelievable but true. Nice to have a team like this. As I always say, it is just a baby step considering our big plans of creating our own empire! Let us enjoy these moments and focus towards achieving our dream. I still wonder how Sri manages to do all this. I suspect that he has more hours in a day than most of us have. Hats of to your energy. Thanks Sup for conceiving the idea of eskool and implementing it successfully. Kudos to Hari for his virtual presence here and all the guidance and support from Pune.


Anu said...

ahey sri.. really sorry i'm posting my comment very late.. I have heard you update me on each n every task u took up to implement this project.You have worked hard to make this dream come true! you n waste fellow have put ur heart n soul into this project. I'm really happy and proud to be ur buddy. you have the zeal to achieve soemthing more than this! go ahead n get them done. I must say I love the eskool logo n the new makeover to the logo is really cool... congrats to the whole team of eskool great going guys! cheers!