Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chaotic impressions!

Everywhere we hear the same
all that we hear looks real!
Everybody we see has a problem
all problems we see are real and look similar!
Notwithstanding the bitterness in the truth,
all of us have no options but to accept where we are headed to go!
Perhaps! The only wish and its all our wish
to do nothing but what it needs one to survive in this Chaotic world!
I leave an impression…it may be first or the last
there are many eyes to see, But the Impressions are real!
What I see may not be right and what I hear may not be right
It’s the way you see and hear matters! Makes the impressions right!
Express yourself! And you do it the best
after which, you are sold and you are seen differently!
Pretending you’ve made it and expecting high
may turn out good…you know it the best!
Million faces and multiple expressions
Perhaps! Each will lead to an impression!
Addressing the ‘you’ in ‘me’ with the hope of good…
Conviction within to explore ‘you’ and out beat the rest!
Do it do not expect it, any given challenge!
Come what may… Believe what you can!
You will! only when ‘you’ will… and set your expectations right!
Make up the mind! Get in to the eyes!
If not… a chaotic impression is what we see!



Harish said...

Creating Chaos in the mind with this poem!!!!!Superb!!! i think there is no comments so far because it takes a hell lot of time to digest the meaning of those words !!!Thanks for sharing it with me!!!!

Unknown said...

After reading thing, I am seeing the raise of a new 'William Srikantsphere' in my friends network. Superb usage of words and a great message