Monday, February 23, 2009

A Commitment…delivered!


Even though today was a tiring day for me, it was one of the memorable day in my life. I went back to my childhood days and recollected many fond memories of my childhood holiday visits to my granny’s place – a small village called Budili in Hindupur district of Andhra Pradesh. It is almost 150 km from Bangalore.

My dad was proud having constructed a small house there which was ready to occupy and he had arranged for the house warming and Pooja. He was angry with me that I had not visited my granny since 4-5 years. So my parents wanted and they warned me to visit the event without fail. I had promised them that I would make it. Old house where my granny used to live was in a very bad shape because of the rains last year. I was happy that my dad could build a new house for my granny! Bravo!

Today I got up very early and since I was going to travel by bike, I thought of taking TS along with me. We started our journey from Bangalore at 7 Am. As we were travelling, I was telling TS about my childhood days and my visit to granny’s place. The new highway (NH-7) was just amazing and the speedometer reading reached 100kmph many times. We thought of having breakfast once we reach Budili and hence we just filled ourselves with tender coconut and cookies. And my mom had asked me to get some sweets; I remembered about it when we reached Chickballapur and picked up a packet of Haldirams!

It was a long ride of 3 hours and was unbelievable that I could not recognize any place on the way because of the new highway project. I was searching for the ‘Kodikonda checkpost’ stop from where we used to take bus to our village. It had disappeared. And I was searching for the right turn we used to take and it was totally changed. Luckily we were on the right way and I could recognize the village entrance. TS was making fun of the village name and he even told few of his friends about it. As soon as we entered the village, people were looking at us in a very strange manner and we were not surprised with that. After the great welcome into the village, we reached our newly built home. It’s a very small house of around 200 sft and sufficient for one person to live comfortably. By the time we reached, the Pooja was over and my parents were busy preparing for the breakfast. I introduced TS to my granny and my cousin brother who had come down from a very long distance just for the Pooja.

All of them were very happy of me visiting them after a long time. There were many people started walking in to see me and greet me. When you are the grandson of a very famous personality in the village, you would get the same respect from the villagers. They used to call me also “swamy” which means we belong to the family of priests and they call us as "Brahmins" in the village; also they call our house as "Brahmin's house". I do not know what it is though! I was even forced to talk to them in Telugu. We had our breakfast and went into the old house. Our old house was very big and it was just awesome which is now in a pathetic shape. I saw a lot of photographs of our relatives and recollected old memories. There was a swing on which we used to play; luckily the swing is still in a good condition and I do not mind getting it from there to Bangalore some day. Unfortunately I did not have my camera so I had to take pictures from my mobile phone’s camera. It was a very different experience for me which I just cannot express my feelings in words.

My sister wanted us to see the river and the temple which we used to go everyday during those days. Even though there was no water, we went there just to see it and get the feel out of it. It was as good as it used to be but for the water. If there was enough water flowing in the river, it would’ve been wonderful. I still remember the amount of fun we used to have during our visits there. There are lot of changes in the village including the number of houses, the agriculture crops, industries around etc., this was the positive change and the change for development.

I got to know a lot about the place “Amalladinna” and its history from my brother Ramana and he promised to send me the book on the same. Most of my friends ask me about my last name and I keep answering them that it’s just a place in Andhra Pradesh. But it’s not just a place; there is a very good story behind it which I will explain in my next post. We had the delicious lunch at 1.30 and started from there. My granny wasn’t happy about me leaving so soon and she wanted me to stay there overnight for which I had to give some reasons and get her approval. We left there at 2 pm and I reached Bangalore at 4.30 pm. And ofcourse as my title says, it was my commitment to my dad and I hope I delivered it beyond expectations. ;)
End of the day! i was ecstatically happy having experienced a mixed set of feelings! and yes! i do not like being in a city for long time...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Government of the people, by the people and for the people!


I am sure all of you will be thinking why did I name this post with the definition given by Abraham Lincoln? Before I get to the actual point, the reason why I am writing this post is because I was reading extensively about Abraham Lincoln since yesterday as it was his 200th birthday. There were many articles on NY Times and even Washington post had many articles on his 200th year birthday. Most of the articles were drawing comparisons between Abraham Lincoln and the new 44th African-American President of United States Barack Obama. I was thrilled reading about Abraham Lincoln and his inspirational stories. I even read about articles from other country presidents on Sir Abraham Lincoln. ‘Undivided Loyalty’, ‘The path back to the Dignity’, ‘Hardworking Man’ and ‘Founding Father’; these were few of the articles of four writers describing how Abraham Lincoln influenced their countries. Well for me, just to read the title name was a great feeling and once I read the stories, I was touched, moved and inspired.
One of my friend sent a forwarded message which stated the new definition if democracy "Government BUY the people, OFF the people and FAR the people". Doesn't it sound horrible? and people just forward such messages thinking its funny. But no one admits the seriousness behind the same. Where are we heading to? is the question bouncing in my mind.
Abraham Lincoln in his Gettysburg address (one of the most quoted speeches in the United States History) came up with the definition "Government by the people, of the people and for the people" which is called as the new definition of DEMOCRACY. Just the meaning of it is inspiring and empowers everyone to live up to their respective countries' expectations there by solving problems. There are many great leaders who relegiously followed the above said statement and lived their legacies.

The whole point of my writing this post is to communicate to more people on what’s happening to the mindset of people here. Its either they have changed the definition of the government or they have started following some new definition which will support them with whatever they are doing indirectly or directly. The definition may be relevant given the amount of corruption in the we are seeing everywhere, but this will actually lead to the bad than the good. We will need to rise up to the expectations of our great leaders with the same commitment and dedication they had for their respective countries in the process of fighting for freedom and justice.

Do you have any other definition to state now?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A song of life…!

I sing…I sing…
Song of my life… a song for my life!

On a fine day I saw her and I smiled
Something I never felt like before
embraced me with ecstatic joy and
yes for the first time.
I sing…I sing…
Song of my life… a song for my life!

Was she the one I was looking for?
And I had no answer for my feeling
a heart beat was never so loud
and again for the first time.
I sing…I sing…
Song of my life… a song for my life!

I think of her when I sleep
I woke up in the midnight and there she was
filling my dreams with plentiful smiles
hey! are you in my life?
I sing…I sing…
Song of my life… a song for my life!

Yes I am! I hear her say…
gorgeous look glittered my face
well… it was a dream again
but I still wait for her to say.
I sing…I sing…
Song of my life… a song for my life!

All I care is all I love
and all I need is only you
you may say… no for me!
but again all I care is all I love…
I sing…I sing…
Song of my life… a song for my life!

Feb 11