Monday, March 16, 2009

Joy of waiting!

Well… it was a dream for all of us
that, one day we will reach there…
now it’s time! It’s our time now…
to say! We will be there!
excitement every day;
anxiety at its peak!
Sailing through the time
and it’s like waiting for ‘our time’!

One by one the days are gone…
looking at the calendar everyday!
dates are real but the dreams are yet to be!
sure of the time! and this will be ours…
Every moment feels inspiring
all of us dream one dream
we have a long time to wait
It’s the joy of waiting!

Preparations are ON!
and communication at its best!
amidst our routine journey,
working on our dreams…a tough job!
all of us wait for the progress!
Perhaps! That’s our feel good factor…
every day is a progress and
every moment is an achievement…
all in the joy of waiting again!

We will wait… we will wait
till the day… we say…
We are here… and this was our dream”!

Dedicated to “Mission Sarpass”
For more details on "Sarpass":


Raghu said...

I too join you in the long wait and share the 'Joy of waiting'.

Unknown said...

that's a great poem Shrikanth! hatsoff to you...
truely you guys have enjoyed every moment of the wait and the journey to Sarpass...
and congrats on getting your dream come true on the 11th May 2009, 13:45hours!