Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Himalaya Awaitzzz... and its Mission Sarpass!!!

Well... it was on Feb 01, 2009 that we did online booking to the National Himalayan Trekking Expedition-09 through YHAI(Youth Hostel Association of India). The route which we have opted and we beleive one of the best routes (after doing some wild research) is SARPASS. Our reporting date is May 4th and we are all set to leave Bangalore by train on Apr 30th.
Wow! i have read many blogs till now and have seen lot many photographs of SARPASS route. I must say! we are lucky having booked this route just by looking into those mindblowing spectacular photographs. For more details on the route, please refer the link:
3 months of watiting time (had even written a poem: we spent like 3 minutes and now its the day we are all set to leave. Busy with packing stuffs, enquiring still on what to take & what not to take; checking with everyone and anyone who had been to the Himalayas earlier; harassing people to get the right information; and harassing people by saying 1001 times that we are going to himalayas.... wow...watten experience! am just loving it!
All the folks around me are even more excited that we are going to himalayas and they are quite surprised that we have applied for so many days of leave just for a trek!!! well... yes! if we apply for leave, it will be always for a trek!!! (What say folks ;) )
Concidently, we even got in touch with 3 more people who are joining us on May 4th and yes! they are from our Bengaluru! We are looking forward to meet them soon.
Well... this is the update for now.. and yes.. you will get to read more and more details once we are back!! we are landing in Bengaluru back on 18th May.
Till then Ciaoooooooooooooooo! Take Care!
From: Shivu, TS, Raghu, Sujan, Divya and Me :)

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T S said...

Wov..!! Really its great excitement in waiting..! Our 6year dream coming true..

Will have great time..!!

"Pelli kaka munde bidda peru shambhuling..."
But full mazaa aithe..