Thursday, April 2, 2009

Where did we lose our self expression?

You must be thinking what the h*%# this guy is asking? Yes! I repeat the question ‘Where did we lose our self expression?’

Well… I just loved this evening’s bus journey from office. Not because it was a comfortable ‘BMTC Volvo’ drive, but it was because of the three lovely kids Aditi, Gagan and Deepthi. I do not know any of these kids but by the time I reached my bus stop, I was totally refreshed!

Like every day, we (Amaresh and I) took the Volvo bus 500-k which comes near our office at 5.05 pm and as usual it was crowded and we did not get to sit until we reached Silk board junction. It was a hectic day and we were stressed out. As soon as we got the seat, I was feeling sleepy and I actually slept off till Banashankari (BSK). Our great bus driver was playing old kannada music which added exponentially to my sleep. After couple of stops from BSK, I heard loud noise and thought a big crowd entering the bus and then I realized that it was Aditi, Gagan and Deepthi and two ladies. Aditi was the youngest (may be of 4 years age) of all the three and Deepthi was the eldest (may be of 6 years age). Gagan is Deepthi’s younger brother (may be of 5 years age). I came to know about their names because I was watching them like watching my favourite show ‘Tom & Jerry’. All three of them were absolutely cute. Most purified and double refined form of cuteness!!!

Both the ladies sat together and these three kids took one full seat (2 chairs) and sat next to each other. All they were discussing was about the Volvo bus. All three of them wanted the window seat. So they started fighting which made Gagan to get up from that seat and luckily there was another empty seat and he went and sat next to the window and started staring at both Aditi and Deepthi. I am sure this Gagan will become a crazy guy in the future! The reason is he wanted Aditi to sit next to him and finally he pulled her next to him and to prove that he is a boy, he sacrificed his window seat to her. Now Deepthi became alone. After couple of minutes, there were hardly a few passengers in the bus and most of the seats were empty. Now all three of them decided to take window seats and they were enjoying the window view. Suddenly Deepthi started playing a game. She said whenever driver applies the brakes, she will move to the next seat. Gagan and Aditi too followed the same. After a while Aditi got bored and angrily said ‘am not playing it as it is not good’. Gagan was adventurous as he was doing lot of gymnastics like one leg on Deepthi’s seat and the other on Aditi’s seat, he was trying to do the bar exercise and was trying to jump. Although I wanted to tell him to be careful, I just kept watching his play. What can his mother do? She tried to control him three times and finally gave up. These kids are always crazy like this (even I was like this); they will not listen to anyone. They just speak their mind and they just do what they like. At some point, they started shouting as if all the other passengers in the bus are deaf people and cannot hear them properly.

Huh! What a show for me. Finally our stop came and we had to get down. Gagan and Deepthi also got down with their mother at our stop. And they were saying ‘bye bye’ to Aditi. And I could see Gagan’s sad face with his hand waving at her for 5 minutes!

Phew! While I was walking back home, I was thinking about my childhood days where I used to have the 100% self expression; if I think about our status now, do we even have 1% of it? (But I am still 100% self expressive with few of my friends and they know what I mean :) ). I remembered a workshop which I attended 3 years back on “Self Expression and Leadership Program” with Landmark education. The objective of that workshop was to get back the self expression which we have lost and with that self expression try winning people in life. Our coach in the workshop even behaved like a kid in front of us and we enjoyed the sessions very much as we were speaking our mind for few days. Good initiative isn’t it?

Do you think that is possible in our lives now after crossing 20s and 30s? 1st thing that comes to mind before you say something is “what if the other person takes me in a wrong way?” “What if I he/she feels bad” “what if I look bad instead of looking good”. That’s the end of our self expression. I think we do not even think of being 100% self expressive because of so many constraints and many meanings we create around our own expressions. Why? Why cannot we be like Aditi, Gagan and Deepthi? Why cannot we speak our mind? Why cannot we do what we like? Or maybe even Aditi, Gagan and Deepthi will lose their self expression once they grow up in this chaotic world. Who knows?

But where do you think we lose that self expression? Can we search for an answer for this question?

Please do not try Google to search!!! Is it not important for us to be self expressive to be happy in this life?



Manjula said...

This is one of the best read I had, you made my day today.. Srikanth... :-)
This reminded me of so many things...

Raghu said...

This is really nice. This reminded my childhood days where we were freely roaming, playing many games, quarelling with others and feeling envious of others' belongings etc...

Narasim said...

Dear Srikanth,

Self expression in childhood manifests itself as disciplined self-actualization in adulthood.

Authentic self-actualization in a society may appear as loss of self expression but is in fact the price adults are able and willing to pay for effectiveness in a society.

Unbridled self expression can be socially disruptive.

Very sincerely yours,

(Kisan from Kandvar)

Sudhi said...

Yes, Srik... that is true.

I can also recollect my childhood days as well as the same workshop(Landmark)which I attended with you.

But now one question remains unanswered - Elli Hodavu Aa Dinagalu???