Sunday, June 28, 2009

A call for the good!

A lovely morning to start; light nippy drizzles, cool breeze to wipe out the tiredness of my face, lush green trees showing its beauty to the whole world, walking amidst the silence of the nature, feel of the fresh air, people with different stories in their mind, kids playing their best, experiencing the extreme anti-stressful moments, relaxed expressions, effortless actions, some old stories, perhaps! A new makeover; company of a good person to share feelings, funny moments, tears to feel better, rub-rub-rub sound of the running shoes, clear blue sky, welcoming rays of morning sun, heavenly prayers and beautiful smiles…

Well! Which place do you think I am talking about? It’s the Cubbon Park! Yes! It’s the park I like the most in Bengaluru. What I have written is what I experienced this Saturday morning. Sound’s awesome isn’t it?

After one stressful week, all of us would like to experience the same. We will just try to look out for any opportunity to feel good, laugh good or at least we keep smiling to come out of what happened at work! I am sure weekend is a real break for most of us to come out of it. And you do it the way you always like to do. Some people enjoy it with friends, family and relatives, some of us will hang around with friends, watch movies, eat good food, spend some peaceful time, relax and keep doing things which does not require you to apply your mind!

Think about it… how many of us will get stuck during the weekdays not thinking about the things we really like? We keep hearing the statements like “hey dude… am a little busy, can I call you back?”, “am getting into a meeting, can we talk later”, “I was waiting for your call last night, but…”, “hey am really sorry I could not return your call”, best part is, whenever I call to check on how he/she is doing, I get a response like “hey I am very busy, can we talk later?”. That will be the end of it. Sometimes I feel, nobody talks to me peacefully, rather none of my friends in the past one week chatted with me peacefully.

Why? Are we all so hooked up to our jobs that it is not letting us to express things? Or is it just that during the working hours, we cannot think of anything else? I feel worried and I get scared whenever I listen to my friends when they tell me they are extremely busy. If this continues, we will forget everything and lead a very lonely life. Hopefully, at least the team we work with in the office should be good which can give good comfort level for us to come out of stress. I every day try speaking to my closed ones just to try coming out of it.

Whenever I call someone, I just need to know how they are doing, what is the new excitement in their life, what is it that they are struggling with? All these questions I ask because with this, I will be able to share my thoughts and feel good and also it gives them a comfort level to feel better after having shared their feelings. How much time will it take? 3-4 minutes? may be less than that. But I seldom hear what I expect to hear with all the people I know. After the busy week, there will be so many personal commitments during the weekend and our conversation will never happen again.

Sometimes I feel, I myself should offer to meet all of my friends and get them a good coffee and chat for a few minutes. (I can only pay for the coffee folks ;)) I am ready folks, I will do it. So if you are getting bored, feel like sharing something to feel better, to get to hear some dirty PJs and laugh for few seconds, hear about my stories, share happy news or sad news, now you know whom to call… just pick up your phone and give me a call. And yes! If I say “I am busy right now”, do not feel bad, I will definitely return the call without forgetting it. That’s my word!

While I was thinking all these, the thought that came to my mind is to go to Cubbon Park every weekend. So I and Sup planned to meet at 7 am and jog for a while. It was a good morning, we jogged, chatted, laughed, stared at people, discussed on some inspiring stories, planned a bit on important actions, felt good and returned home. It was absolutely a great idea to meet at Cubbon Park. I even got some hunt for my shooter!. There are many people like us who visit this awesome place every day. It’s a place where people of all ages, all professions, all religions walk, talk and enjoy. It is a place where many teams have their meetings, discussions, entrepreneurs who meet to develop their idea, businessmen to think and work or their business, money deals, family matters, and ofcourse I forgot to mention; it’s a place for many people to share their love! You cannot find them even though they will be inside the park. That good and thick the park is!!!!

So, you now know where I will be during the weekends (mornings). Trying another good hobby! So if you want to meet me and enjoy some good time, come and join me at Cubbon Park!!! Come out of your busy life for a few hours! Let’s enjoy!



BABA said...

Sure will try to do it...

Vaishnavi said...

I end up doing this most of the time. Tell people I'm busy and hang up. But I do try to call back the people :-) Yeah, Cubbon Park is a place of sorts! Can see all type of things there. Glad it has given you this inspiration

Unknown said...

Of Sure, i am there........

Narasim said...

Cubbon Park is indeed a pleasant retreat from the hustle and bustle of Bangalore and modern stressful life.

It is not clear to me that the peace you seek will be there if many of your friends show up. As you know, more than three is invariably a crowd.

Solitary walks in the company of one's own thoughts is the most rewarding retreat from the hectic life that we all lead.

For me, devoid of serious thoughts of my own, a good non-fiction book provides the best companionship as well as things to reflect upon.

Very sincerely yours,