Monday, June 22, 2009

Fear Factor!

A fear to begin the journey...
a journey of a fearless life!
A life without expectations…
for an unconditional life!

Being yourself! a fear of belief,
being believed! a fear of trust,
being trustworthy! a fear of commitment,
and commitment! a fear of honesty…

Fear factor in you and me,
a fear factor in every person…
Fear of expressing the worst…
and the fear of accepting the best!

Anxiety of losing good hopes!
preparing for the worst than the best,
mixed feelings in every heart beat,
a journey into the chaotic world!

An opportunity being tested,
the momentum being gained,
our senses being validated,
all for the good show…and out of fear!

A hidden fear for the success,
a result that can hide our fear!
A driving force for all our actions,
that’s the fear factor within us!

Perhaps! The fear factor in you and me!
a feel good factor for you and me…
to drive us out of the fear,
for a fearless journey of an unconditional life!



sajana said...

Another good poem by a fearless person! Great going!

Narasim said...

The evocative poem shows the depth of thought. Read it three times to get a full sense of the embedded thought.

Great creative work. Well done.

We reserve our greatest admiration not for people who act courageously without thought but for those who experience fear most intensely and overcome it. After all, blind courage is action without forethought. Real courage demands conquest of self before anything else.

Moral courage is always individual. To experience fear is human. To overcome it is what distinguishes girls/boys from women/men.

In order to fully comprehend courage, first you must experience fear.

The poem is helpful in focusing on the important.


Very sincerely yours,