Monday, July 27, 2009

A Cobweb Life

Where are we? And where am i?
I question myself everyday
complexities taking over the limits
following the steps… leading to an end!
proximal distinction in every goal
Breaking code in the spinning world…
What the hell?’ a voice within
Seeing the good but taking bad…
into the reality and a zero-sum game!

Blinking face and nothing new
clumsy walk… thinking of the good
waiting for the one to hear them out
on the whole, a fairy tale!
plausibly impossible and get convinced
to come out of the possibility
that a new life begins new again
amidst the adventures in and out!

Where am i? And where are we?
same voyage again but a journey within
struggling hard to set it free
relying upon a host to see!
see the walk and be the change
remain the untouched to let it be
disclose the courage to grow up
and come out of the COBWEB life!



sunaath said...

Well, it's really a good effort to come out of the cobweb of life!

Narasim said...

There are several ideas embedded in a complex rhythm. I need to disentangle them to grasp the full import.

The basic idea is clear enough. As Plato said so long ago, we need to come out of the cave.

Keep writing and pass them along for my education.

Raghu said...

It is really insightful. It is very true that all of us at some point get struck like cobweb. It is how break that barrier that makes all the difference.