Monday, September 14, 2009

A good time spent…

An expired invite,
I kept it open,
hoping I will do it,
finally… I did…
One more journey
into the happiness,
to forget the past,
and lift ourselves…
Thoughtful stint,
enjoyable time,
lovely place,
no regrets…
I said let’s do it!
and we did.
no second thoughts,
only excitement…
Journey on the road,
into the green,
beautiful sight,
unlimited joy…
Lost in thoughts,
to gear up acts,
synching vision,
deep into the cliché…
The best company
of my good old friend
to share my stories
and the pain as well…
wonderful memories,
and a best time spent,
with workable thoughts,
am returning home…



sajana said...

That was a short and sweet poem :) I am sure you would have shared lot with your good old friend that he would have been tired listening to you ;P.Also as mentioned in the last line you would have come back planning of loads of things and action plans..after all you were with HARI :)


Vaishnavi said...

There are so many invitations that I'm yet to open. I wish I could do just what you did and come back with beautiful memories.

Harish said...

New Science……….

Between two blinks,
You came and disappeared.
And Life taught me a new science…
Of how the earth sometimes revolve faster
Of how colors can be created
Of how to “see” words and to “listen” the view
Of how a vacuum is created


Raghu said...

Good post Sri. I am sure you would have enjoyed to the core in the company of Hari. Good that finally you did it.


BABA said...

very good one!!!!!!!!

ಸಿಂಧು sindhu said...

Poem is too good but for the
last-but-one, line..
with workable thoughts..?!
what do u mean by that?

an expired invite is a very beautiful expression.

and i m envious of your journey.


Srik said...

Hey Sindhu! Am glad you liked my poem. Good to see your comment. with workable thoughts means, we have planned a lot of things to do in the near future. so with them I returned back! :)

Manjunath Byadigere said...

Hey Srik!

Nice one...I initially thought you would write another blog describing in detail about your great successful expedition to Hari's place ...but never mind the essay, your poem tells us all what you experienced there without those long sentences!

The words are less but they are very much successful in making us think and give us a feel of your experience!

And was it a meeting of two great thought provoking poets?! I think yes! I should congratulate Hari for his short poem which exactly like Srikanth's gives us a good feel of what Hari's thoughts were on this particular visit ... particularly when Srikanth departed from Pune!Very nice one Hari!

Woww...I definitely enjoyed reading this post.

Doc Manjunath