Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Thank you Sardarji!

I am still not able to believe that I did that today. I was not even sure that I will meet this person again and I was happy to see the Sardarji again with his red turban. And meeting him today again made my day!

I came to Pune on Saturday and I started working out of our Pune offices starting this week. The only big challenge that I had expected before I came here was travelling within the city of Pune. Knowing that my friend Harish’s residence is very far from office, I was wondering how I can commute to office every day. But luckily, Harish was good enough to get me his friend’s bike – Hero Honda Splendor! I was very happy that I got a bike to take care of my expected problem. So I started my journey to office everyday on bike. Harish had given clear instructions on the route I need to take to reach office.

First day (Monday), I had to visit our Pride silicon plaza office which is around 12 km from where we start. So, I was on my way and I kept asking people on how to reach the destination as and when I felt I am lost. And I happened to meet a Sardarji who was standing alone at a bus stop and I went and stopped right in front of him to ask how I should go. He looked like an army officer with his well built physique and must be in his late fifties. He was very kind enough to give me the directions; in fact he took out a small piece of paper out of his pocket and marked the map for me. I thanked him, and with his clear instructions I reached office without any problem. I was very happy that I met that Sardarji who made my life easy.

Second day, since I knew the route to office, I took the same route which I took on Monday. And I reached the same place where I met Sardarji. May be because of my timing, I happened to meet the same Sardarji again. I saw him while I was approaching the bus stop where he was standing and was thinking whether I should speak to him or not. I decided to stop over and talk to him and thank him for his yesterday’s help. I stopped my bike and got down to meet him.

I said ‘Hello Sir, do you remember me? You gave me the instructions on how to reach my office yesterday’. He was surprised to see me and he said ‘Yes young man, how can I forget something that has happened yesterday’. We both had a good laugh, I thanked him for his clear instructions and I told him that he can be the best guide in Pune. He was so happy that out of his embarrassment, I saw tears rolling out of his eyes. He said, ‘there are many people in the city young man, who come and ask for the help, the moment they get what they want, they forget all about the person who helped. But I need to appreciate you that you are coming to me again to say a few good words and enquiring about me. I am very happy and there are very few people like you in this city’.

For a few minutes, we exchanged on what we do, where we work, reason for me being in Pune and my feedback about Pune city. I also got to know that he is a teacher by profession. He was very hilarious like all Sardarjis and we both had a wonderful time. I was getting delayed to my office so I said ‘good bye’ to him and told him that I will never forget him in my life. He was very happy!



Hari said...

Sri ...Remember these words?." If i went wanting to be a friend rather than to have one,my want could not be frustrated" ...Good for your thought of "wanting" to stop for a note of thanks !!

Vaishnavi said...

It's always the small things that matter. And in this case it's heartening to hear that you stopped to greet this gentleman who helped you just the previous day. You probably made his day as well!

Raghu said...

It is very nice to remember the people who help us in need.

We often forget to thank them whole heartedly. I like your gesture of stopping to have few words with 'Sardarji'. Hope this habit of 'Thanking' spreads across in the society to make it beautiful.

Unknown said...

Singh is Kinggg...!!!

Narasim said...

As Vaishnavi says, small things in life make a big difference to enhance quality of life.

Pleased that you stopped the next day and had a wonderful conversation with the gentleman.

By the way, does the gentleman have a name? Somehow, sardarji, sounds so stereotypical.

Manjunath Byadigere said...

Nice one Srikanth....I'm sure you have made his day as well as yours!

We take so many things for granted in life and we will know the importance only when we experience such situations and appreciate tiny differences.

Nice demonstration of how much happiness one can give and take by NOT taking things for granted!

Doc Manjunath