Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Tribute...

You naughty little boy!
dare you do this again’
I used to hear this from
everyone around me, and
I used to think, they are bad!
not only me, but all my friends…
if I did that again, I was punished mad!
I felt, I was imprisoned
I was dragged to the class
and I was made surrender myself
for all the sins I made…
and, I had no options!

I could see my parents happy!
but they heard complaints often
and started punishing me…
they were asked to meet my teachers
to give a mouthful in front of them
and I was in tears for many days…
but they came back to me every moment
they hugged and kissed me…
even if I was bad… it didn’t matter!
all the time, they taught me good,
they gave me freedom of expression,
and freedom from being within!

I failed many a times…
I was made re-do things I hate to do,
could not play with friends many a days
I hated everything when it comes to studying
I was rude to them…
never bothered getting punished…
It was tough to make me do well,
but, they came back to me every moment
they smiled at me, loved me the way i was,
they made me realize what 'I am',
they gave me power to be on my own
conquering times, I grew up tough!

As the time goes on, I think of them
every moment and they come in many forms!
without them, I mean nothing…
It was them who gave me
conviction of speech, power of good
and freedom of love….
I read and I write; all because of them,
because of their generosity
and devotion for the cause…
I salute my teachers for their spirit
and for making me see myself
and to lead the life I dreamt of…

Happy Teacher's Day!
Wishing you all the best to touch lives of many more who are in need of you!



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Raghu said...


It is a nice way to remember teachers and pay tribute on this day. Good work done.

Narasim said...

Much deserved well written tribute to the people who mold us for life.

Manjunath Byadigere said...
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Manjunath Byadigere said...

Hey Srikanth, nice simple way of paying tribute to our teachers.

Doc Manjunath

Unknown said...

Its really A Tribute...