Saturday, October 24, 2009

The day the world Runs! – NIKE RUN

Rub-rub-rub-rub-rub, I could not hear anything else other than this tune today. As I was running, one guy came next to me and said ‘Just Do it’ looking at the tattoo of Nike Logo on my face. Wow! I said that is the spirit and ‘let’s do it’! Along with rub-rub-rub, all I could hear was ‘uffs, puffs and many phews’! While running, I encountered some of the beautiful moments in life. Seeing thousands of people running on the beautiful bituminous pavement, that looked like wonderful ‘turf’ for all of us; being a part of the world human race that was organized in 27 cities across 27 countries, all running at the same time; It was like, we belong to ‘one’ Human Race. And before ending our race, I could see the sun cooling down to dusk and it was simply a spectacular view to see people reaching the finish line while the sun was setting for the day!

Yes. We were at the most awaited event – NIKE Human Race 10K Run. The run was flagged off by the most famous personalities and inspiration for many young people – Anju Bobby George, Mahesh Bhupati and Sreeshanth. We started our run at 4.30 Pm and the same time, the run would start in other countries as well. There were One million runners and 1100 runners from Bengaluru who ran 7,88,879 miles for the cause today from across the world. In India, Bengaluru hosted the event and the event execution was simply superb.

Anju, Mahesh and Sreeshanth spoke a few words to inspire all the runners before they flagged off the show. It was great to see thousands of people running for the cause. Everywhere ‘Red’ Nike tees, ‘Nike logo’ tattoos on faces and arms, yellow bib numbers on tees, sun glasses and sun caps was seen. Also needless to mention thousands of beautiful glittering faces, some of the most gorgeous faces I have ever seen, and the spirit they exhibited was awe-inspiring.

People were categorized in many groups depending on the time they would complete the race. There were colored wrist bands that were given to identify people under the different categories. So we all had to give them the approximate time that we could complete our 10K run to get the band. I was in the ‘Green’ category, where I was supposed to take 60-90 minutes to complete the 10 Km. Kowshik and Sandy belonged to the ‘Red’ category which meant that they would complete the race within 60 minutes. Raghu had opted for ‘Green’. But once the race started, it was like, we just have to run. The colored bands did not even matter for us while running. Water stalls and Toilet facilities were organized every 2 Km. Well known Sagar Apollo hospital took the responsibility of health care. There were many ambulances and health points set up all along the way.

First 2 km of the run was very good and I could run without any problem. Because I do not have regular practice, I got tired very soon and used to walk wherever I could not run. But that was the case with most of the people there. We were given small chips to tie it to our shoe that tracks the timing of our race. It would track the time once at the beginning of the race, after completion of 5 km and again at the finish lane. One can go on to the Nike’s website to check their completion time. I was the last amongst our group and completed the run in about 80 minutes while Kowshik, who always leads in our group, finished his race in 60 minutes. Coincidently my friend little Manjula had also participated and it was good to see her running today.

All along the way there were many people, who visited just to cheer us. There were many video cameras and photographers who were capturing the best moments. And to entertain us, there were very good live bands from Goa who were performing their best to cheer us and to keep up our momentum. I had given my camera to Lakshmi (as she visited with us as a guest) so that she could capture good moments while we all are busy running. And she did a very good job in doing so. The event was organized so well that it was best beyond our expectations. It was an ecstatic feeling that one can take back with them who participated in the event. We had a bus arranged from Bengaluru to the venue; Stunning event venue - Clarks Exotica resort of Hollywood town, near BIAL; Snacks, Beverages and Dinner were served for all the participants; after the run, there were people doing leg massages for those required; Instructors from Gold Gym were on stage training the crowd on the warm up exercise before the race and the cool down exercise after the race (they were just splendid). As we returned back, our mind had already raced ahead of our body to fill ourselves with some cool drinks and good food.

Lastly, the excitement and the joy that no one could forget was the evening entertainment. There was a group from Goa who took over the stage and performed so brilliantly that no one could just stand or sit. All of us were dancing, jumping, shouting and enjoying out of the world. It was just dance, dance and dance before we had our dinner. It was a thrilling evening and joyful to see people of all ages - kids, parents, senior citizens and all others dancing to rejoice themselves with the wonderful music.

After such a splendid event, we all had to leave to reach back home!

Thanks to Nike Plus for organizing such a stupendous event and it feels good to be a part of Nike Human Race. Will certainly look forward to participating in the Nike Human Race 2010.



Raghu said...

I was thrilled to see thousands of young and energetic'Minds'from different age groups running for a cause on the 'International Day for Climate Action'.

Before I started the race I was not very sure whether I would complete the run, as this was the first time I was running in 10k event. After the completion of the run, now I feel very excited. Thanks to Sri for forcing me to register for the event. Otherwise, I would have missed out all the fun and excitement of the evening.

Manjunath Byadigere said...

You guys have great enthusiasm...
The best part was that you all enjoyed it thoroughly...
Thats a good reason for running!
Nice to see Manjula also running.
Good that it was a contrast with relation to the organising part...
Well done Srik, Manjula, Raghu, Kowshik (and Lakshmi)...and keep running!

Doc Manjunath

Unknown said...

Hi Srik,
Here is the link to access the results of individual runners:
The guy who topped the list in the world ran in 28mins! and guy who topped in Bangalore took about 35mins.
And Srik, I guess the total number of runners around the wrold running were 1.8Lakhs.. isn't it?

Overall a great experience!


Srik said...

Kowz, Not sure about the numbers. I have corrected the total number and will post the exact number once I get the information on it. From Bengaluru, there were about 1095 runners.

Vaishnavi said...

hey good that you had fun at the event run :-)
Good to know that Bangalore was chosen to hold the race in India. And wow, leg massages?!! Not bad at all!

Narasim said...

Congratulations to all who completed the run including those who just walked to the finish line.

Glad to learn that the Goa Group made you all dance away the evening. There is a rumour going around that even senior citizens were dancing. Good for them.