Wednesday, December 2, 2009

War, rocks and the ruins

I saw them, I saw them
I saw them coming to destroy
destroy the world in peace
world filled with rich and poor
rich and poor lived together!

Hard, tough and skillful
built homes and hamlets
gave away good times
obeyed by the ruler’s voice
and they lived on trust!

They believed in god
god of peace, god of humanity
god who ruled them
to make them survive
and to live!

They sold gold and diamonds
they drank sorrows and happiness
carved life on stones
they danced for kings
and they, they served them, everything!

Moved place to place
on every game
with courage, backpacked
responsibility on shoulders
not to fight but to conquer!

Smeared them red
on every fight
letting them lose a win
and winning a destiny
conquered and getting to be!

Face to face
back to back
sword to sword
neck to neck
and a life to life!

To protect themselves
to protect their family
to protect their empire
to protect their god
and to protect their blood!

They created wealth
with hardwork and sweat
they created livelihood
to sustain the survival
and lived life king size!

Light met with darkness
and darkness conquered
to hurt them bad
make them slaves
and destroy their world!

Elephant over a horse
thousand for hundred
they have arrived for them
with a clever mind
not to join but to ruin!

War, a war and a war
between the two
fighting the stronger
giving every breath
and blood at the battle!

They were conquered
lost every breath
every coin and gold
every inch of themselves
and their beautiful world!

I saw them, I saw them
they came and destroyed
destroyed every thing, including god
ruined the whole country side
made lives miserable!

And those rocky tales never ended!



Raghu said...

Good description of the entire story of Vijayanagar dynasty. This reminded me of the forgotten history.

Good choice of words.


Narasim said...

You have captured the suffering that ensues war admirably.

The ruins of Vijaynagar evoke powerful emotions in all thinking people. It is a great tragedy that The Battle of Rakkasa Tangadgi/Talikote was ever fought.

Every piece of careful analysis of available evidence indicates that the decisive battle on 1565 January 25, Thursday, on the northern bank of Krishna, was an unnecessary battle.

Regrettably, history is shaped by human frailties as much as by socio-economic processes.

You have given vent to the emotions that are bound to be awakened at the sight of large scale destruction in an evocative fashion.

The inescapable lesson of such great battles is the same: Forgive but Never Forget.

Sudhi said...

Yes! it is true that whatever you described in this poem.

There were many dynasties came and gone but Vijaynagar Dynasty which is also called as "Golden Era in the history of Karnataka" will remain in the history forever.

Thanks for a nice poem!

Hari said...

My Pick .........

They drank sorrows and happiness
Moved place to place
on every game
with courage, backpacked
responsibility on shoulders

And those rocky tales never ended!

Continue to make me pick Sri......

Manjula said...
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Manjula said...

I wonder why people used fight for land/ kingdom.. why did they not understand the very fact that they are all human beings ?

normal tendency is that PEOPLE LOVE OBJECTS AND USE other PEOPLE... its time for us to change this AND