Thursday, January 14, 2010


On a relaxed time ever,
forgetting my past and the future,
letting my thoughts flow into the present,
closing my eyes and revisiting my dreams,
reading my mind over my own writings;
I turned on the music,
I got in to the hmm…

Humming aloud, into the ecstasy,
feeling the touch and embracing the wind,
forcing into my ears, to make me dance,
on my toes, one after one, moving my legs,
dancing in the bliss, tiring out myself;
and turning the volume high,
I continued to hmm…

Every step made me smile and
every note made me think, and smile again;
Every smile, pushed myself to the heaven,
and heaven, made me reach my dream;
walk over my dream was again a dream…
I played the next track,
And I again got into hmm…

Without my mind, I carried on;
I carried myself on to a different world,
a world of within me and my vibes,
a very near feeling but yet very far,
just to be myself and unconditional;
Rejoicing the music,
I continued to hmm…

Numbness taking over my steps,
desiccated me out from within, over the joy,
letting go all my inner emotions, feeling good,
I could feel myself lighter than a fly,
resting my steps and reverted to life.
I was a humming bird for a while,
And the music of life… plays on forever…



Manjunath Byadigere said...

Hey Srik,
The joy of music...the thoughts it evokes...the sensations it elicits...the pleasure it gives and the lessons it teaches are many...nice post.Enjoy your music.

Narasim said...

Music is one of the best talismans for our emotionally fraught world.

Delighted that music gave you some solace.

Your poem captures your torment and the release very well.

Hari said...

Music is that which elevates you to a higher form of existence.....the essence and influence of music is well captured.

Happy singing and listening !!!!

Vaishnavi said...

Music has this surreal way of making you feel better, no matter what. The best part is, you can make music suit your mood (though it's actually the other way round) That's what I like about it! I think it's one of the best medicines and animals enjoy it too!

Music has been integral part of my life. It just takes you to a whole new level. It also makes you think.

Sudhi said...

Music is a best tool to rejuvinate the gives is having a great healing power for tired mind...Lets all enjoy music.

A Nice Post!!!

Unknown said...

Sooper poem Shrik. Your ability to listen to your thoughts and chalk it down on paper so crisply is the greatest of the boons you have got. and it's showing more'n'more evidently in every post of yours!

good one!