Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Idiotic tale of a reality

My take on 3 Idiots!

It is so chaotic to see so many discussions happening on the latest hit movie 3 Idiots. I am glad that I watched the movie before it is too late to observe its impact. While I support Chetan Bhagat over the credit issue, there are lot many issues emerging out of the story. Chetan Bhagat’s best seller book Five Point Someone is what the movie’s story is based on (in my view atleast 70-80% of the movie has the same story). But it is being claimed as an original story by the production unit. Here is the full story on the controversy. I feel sad for the writers having cheated in this manner. May be this is an eye opener for many of the authors to get into a proper agreement to have the proper ownership of the story. Well, many of the fans of Chetan Bhagat are with him and we all will support him.

Even though it is a fictious novel and which is why it is being showcased as a movie, it has a social message to spread among people. It talks about the current education system. I was happy to see such a critical problem being projected so well. Of course, it is over exaggerated because it should entertain people. Raj Hirani, Aamir Khan and team have done a wonderful job and have outperformed beyond ones expectations. It was a much needed effort and the reality of the current education system is projected very well. Also they have given much scope for innovation and original work. We all are well aware of the loopholes in the current system, at the same time; we are yet to bridge the gap between the Industry needs and the knowledge being delivered in the institutes. In spite of such harsh realities, are we making any progress? Will it be taken seriously whenever they show it through movies like 3 idiots?

While most of us are happy with the outcome of the movie and thinking about how do we solve the problem that is being shown with respect to the education system, here are few people who wrote negatively about the whole issue. I think people are not ready to accept the reality and find a solution for it. They think there is no need to present it like the way it is. And because of their analysis, people should start thinking negatively about it. Their claim is that 3 idiots will only create a nation of idiots. I strongly disagree with the same. Following this blog, there was even a 30 minute panel discussion on CNN-IBN to discuss about the impact of the movie. The question that was being addressed was “Is 3 idiots an accurate depiction of Higher Education”. Although I am happy with the public response (73% said yes), I thought the question was very silly. After all, it is a movie and it is based on a fictious story. Exaggerated a bit on many aspects but the message was very clear that there is a strong need for reforms in education system. So, obviously, people like me, who believe that there is a need for change in the system, have voted ‘yes’ for the question.

Now, what are the harsh realities that the movie projects?

1. Current education system sucks. This is basically the pressure that is created on every student which is leading for many suicides.

2. Pressure from parents to become Doctor or an Engineer only. Even though you and I have our talents and competencies in other areas.

3. Scope for innovation in the current system.

4. Lack of good professors in the current system.

5. Education is not just to get a degree certificate.

6. Level of ragging in most of the institutes and its impacts.

7. Living your passion.

My own analysis:

1. I have undergone many such pressures where we were asked to work on assignments that were not relevant like donkeys.

2. Most of the syllabus I studied was outdated while I was studying.

3. I had no good lecturers (only few exceptions) until I reached my post graduation (even there only a few).

4. My parents wanted me to become an Engineer. I disappointed them. I was lucky.

5. Many of my friends became engineers because of their parents’ pressure.

6. Like one of my friend said, other than getting the degree that helped to get a job, I only got good friends during my schooling and graduation days.

7. What I studied is completely different from what I am working on currently.

8. I have seen many who studied just for the certificates and just for money.

9. Actual learning for me was when I joined my job.

10. All my exams were focused on passing and marks. I was relieved when I passed all my exams.

11. I used to fear of failing in exams.

12. I have seen my own classmates attempting for suicide because of the pressure from parents and teachers.

13. I feel guilty when I see someone who got good education. There are only few IITs and IIMs. What about the rest? What about places other than major cities?

14. I have seen teachers ruining students’ lives!

What is showed in the movie is exactly the same. The loopholes of the current system are presented in an entertaining way. And people have problems with that as well. My analysis and comments may depend on many factors; but there are many people like me in India who have gone through the same. What I am trying to do now is to do something to bridge the gap. Every Indian must watch the movie and take the message positively to work on building a better system. We are now in a position to demand a good and promising education from the system. This movie is just a minor part of the whole issue. Let us not argue over the movie. Let us now think about the reforms.

If we think that the movies like this will produce national idiots, it is most certain that we are not challenging the reality to come up with a solution. Rather, ducking out of the reality saying there are no negatives in the system. Let us all forget about the movie but not the reality that is leaving us with less competitiveness.

Let us live our Passion! Dream! And achieve more!



Vaishnavi said...

I personally think that people are overdoing the bit about '3 Idiots' being a wake-up call for the need for reforms in our education system. You can read my views on this here http://lean2write.wordpress.com/2010/01/06/idiots-education-india/

Manjunath Byadigere said...

Hey Srik...
Please read my views here

Manikandan said...

Hi Srikanth,

Thanks for the rich reviews on the movie and its analysis.

A great work by Chetan and Kudos to Hirani, Aamir, Vidhu and all the cast/crew of 3I movie for making such a wonderful movie with all the right mix for a wholesome entertainment with facts and reality of the subject.

Even though there are so many controversies in the media doing the rounds daily, I wish this movie is a must watch for all especially the Gen X and parents . I agree with most of your 14 point analysis mentioned in your blog and even though we cannot change all that is happening overnight at least it should be an ignition key or at least due to this the issue has been debated in the media and the various people have the chance to at least express their viewpoints. I think the movie was released at a good time when a good amount of reforms are happening in the educational system in our country even though its more on exam fronts and all.

After all a movie which is meant of mass entertainment and a message I think 3I movie has shaped well and catered the audience. From Taare Zameen Par to 3 Idiots…Aamir & his team has given his trade mark “perfection” touch to both the movies which could have easily be slipped into a preachy documentary type too and that’s where they won the hearts of cinema loving people and I could very well hear everyone say when they come out from the theatres……ALL IZZ WELL !!

Movie is highly recommended with five stars.