Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just around the corner

I always remember this expression ‘On-the-way’ and I get fascinated by it most of the times. I am just letting my fingers type what I am thinking and contemplating about. The more I think, the more I key in on this electronic device that keeps me busy in spite of being busy-the-other-way. Everything is on its way for sure. If you ask for anything, you will hear its on-the-way and it’s just around the corner. You will get it soon.

Well… my life is on its way!

I found a road and I am on my way. Sometimes I need to deviate, because I saw another road. Likewise, I see many roads. Where do I go? How do I get to know which is the road that is less travelled by? If at all I am over excitingly doing things to deviate from others. I will. Because, I challenge such risks.

One such risk is what time is. So, I am challenging the time. My time. I feel like I am racing against the time. Oh! Come on…we all are. That is how I get to know my competitors. All are just around the corner. You need not show up yourself. You get to see what you do not expect to see all the times. You feel, you are on the right track. Because the path you’ve chosen has the name tag ‘Right track’ even before you walk over it. And if you feel you are on the wrong track then, you cannot blame anyone. It was your choice to walk over the ‘right track’.

And well, I always thought, like everybody, I did the right thing and I chose the right way. No. I think at this point in time, with all the chaos around, I feel at loss. Not that what I did was wrong. It is not. It did not seem like a loss as well. It in fact, inspired me even more and made me feel good about myself. And the same amount of positive energy and impact was created at the other end too. Atleast I got that impression. I hope I am not wrong.

And while I was mulling over on everything being good, I got into an encounter with the time again. Not my time, but others time. When I am in the generation that has forward thinking minds, I never thought I will be led to think backwards like others do. May be that is the only gap I am seeing in the present generation. We only talk about always looking forward and not believe in some blind beliefs from the past. But we are not the same when it comes to performing our own duties. We still tend to think backwards with a genuine polished ‘reason’. And that is a reason enough to deviate from our own thoughts. Sometimes, we cannot ignore it because, if you ignore it, you will be ignored!

Everything is just around the corner. Without letting thoughts to overtake on the others, one will need to be unimaginably patient and optimistic about whatever is going to happen in life. Expecting to be optimistic without having that ignition of crossing over the backward thinking phase is a challenge on its own.

So what I thought the past; and what I am going to see next, is just around the corner!


Hari said...

It’s a thoughtful write up….Talking over this topic would be like an endless road without any corners around!!!
Well I would just like to add a bit that we cannot always make our journey alone…sometimes we need to support ,lead or carry others….In doing so we may feel that we are thinking backwards…but it is for a greater cause and without forgoing our “forward thinking minds”…..It is not a drop of ink in milk but its like a drop of water ……
My kudos to your thoughtful mind…..


Narasim said...

Thank you for a dense pack set of thoughts.

The past is not an immutable scripture. It is a continuous dialogue with the present. If it is stifled by lies, distortions, and denials we will never come to terms with the past. Only by steadfastly staying with the truth can we ever come to terms with the past and move forward.

Looking forward does not mean denial of the past. It simply means that you have come to terms with the past so that you can move forward.

Regrettably people who have not disciplined themselves to deal with the past revert to old ways because it is comforting.

That is why we admire people who chart new courses in spite of all the past baggage that tries to drag them back to the past.

Vaishnavi said...

I think 'On the way' is also associated with a certain amount of expectations. Don't we all? Whatever we may do, we hope to get something out of it, even if it's in the form of personal happiness or satisfaction in helping others.

There is no harm in looking back at one's past, it's what we take from it that matters.

Miniscule-thoughts said...

i feel as though this was written for me :)

Nice post.

Raghu said...

It is gives me lot of food for thought. Good write up.

In the journey of life past, present and future all are important. May be the level of importance may vary but all give us an opportunity to learn and progress. Past helps us to learn from our and others' mistakes, present helps us to lead life in the way we want to and the future helps us to aspire, dream and to tread the path we always wanted to go.