Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Time flies by!

It always happens,
happens to me as well!
It’s just a matter of time
and how soon it travels…
faster than the light; Perhaps!
there is no time to look back
and neither there is any reason…
but, those moments, and
the good time spent, repeats!
It always comes back to me,
and keeps me going…
the time awaited,
and the time worked hard,
will knock me down,
to keep up my spirits…
learning every moment,
enjoying every conversation,
gaining the momentum,
that I desired, and I waited for…
sharing my dreams and
thinking through the clutter
contributing every little thing,
but, taking one at a time…
and it so happens,
one day, we see some progress,
for what is done,
and giving scope further,
for what needs to be done…
progress comes hard,
straight from the gut,
against the stream,
accompanying the spirit…
time goes on, and
leaving me in the distance
upholding the spirits
promising me return…
return for the journey,
into the madness,
of what we can create,
that we called a dream…
and until then,
with heartfelt thoughts,
working with senses,
witnessing the air,
sustaining the spirits,
limiting the distance;
making every thing happen,
one way or the other,
keeping myself busy,
to make this WAIT, worth!

It's funny! how times flies by!



Manjunath Byadigere said...

Nice one Srik....

Vaishnavi said...

My two cents from reading your poem:

- Live life to the fullest and live every moment. Because this too shall pass.

- Also, everything that happens, happens for the good.

Narasim said...

Very nice poem that captures the fleeting nature of time.

Milton Friedman, the Nobel Laureate in economics, used to say that the most precious resource in life is time.

That is why the Aristotelian injunction to lead an examined life is so crucial for leading a meaningful life. Otherwise the precious gift of life is wasted.

Hari said...

Your "Time flies by..." reminds me of Tagore's beautiful take on time

"The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough."