Saturday, February 6, 2010

I see you

I see you when I go crazy
and when I see the wild
of a totally new experience
new science between you and me
that we observe and bond
to feel the world so heavy
with the intention of the life…

I do not belong anywhere
anywhere in this new world
of dreams and a new evolution
but there is hope for me
to share that is something mine
to mark my existence around you
you lead my way and speak my word…

I listen and I follow you always
not because I need it
but because we need it
something to experience together
and I already see the poison
In making me yours, but
I have the power to make you mine…

Weird place to live
far away from the life
in between new life but yet dead
to feel and to love
to lead the way
and to understand richness
of that new evolution and dream…

You taught me fly
and I spoke your feelings
unimaginable to think and
still tough to get to the meaning
but I got my life
of how to sing and dance
and to drink nature and feel as yours…

You taught me love
and I made love to you
you still loved me
not just love;
but you gave yourself
for a me, who is here
from a totally different world…

World of the blue mountains
and filled with green life, flourishing;
one human touch for a feel
of everything into the heart
that makes it so special
even to feel and to touch
that evolves by itself…

I come off the dream
back to my own world
caused by the destruction
of what I call madness
taken over by the greed
and inhumane instinct
to destroy, not to create…

I tend not to give up
my dream and the new life
of the love I made and
the love I get
the richness I feel
and the luxury of bondage
happens... only when I see you!



Raghu said...

Good depiction of Avatar. It is really superb.

Sudhi said...

Marvelous description!!!

Everyone has to watch movie Avatar to understand this blog well.

A great posting!

Narasim said...

Very deeply felt poem. Good for you.

Comments so far are urging me to see the film Avatar. I have not seen it yet. Maybe, I will make the connection after I see the film.

In the meanwhile I will keep reading Walt Whitman.

Manjunath Byadigere said...

Nice one Srikanth...

Vaishnavi said...

Nice! James Cameron should read this :-) Why don't you write the poem's sequel before the movie's sequel comes out???!!!

Hari said...

One image show what thousand words cant....But your 1000 words have brought back the image to life as they share their deepest emotions....Enjoyed your words as much as the image :)