Friday, February 5, 2010

Not to worry! Sir, this is just the beginning

Feb 04, 2010 is one of the special days for Bengaluru. BMTC along with the members of the Citizen's community, came up with a brilliant initiative of 'Bus Day'. A day to promote and take the public transport benefits to every person in Bengaluru. 'Bus Day' will be organized on 4th day of every month going forth.

Please visit my first article Published on Citizen Matters on my experience about the 'Bus Day':

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sunaath said...

Observing Bus-day once in a month may not help the commuters. The number of buses should be increased
on routine basis to facilitate the regular commuters.

Srik said...

You are right Sunnath. I think BMTC has added more buses already starting with the Bus day and from the reports I read, it seems like they have added 300 more buses. Hopefully they will increase them further more.

Hari said...

Great Journeys begin with simple steps:

Hope this simple step by BMTC and many more by many of us lead to something big....

We need more venkatesh s' to initiate and carry things forward.