Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Out of the world!

Have you heard this expression – ‘Out of the world’? I had not, until some days back. And now I do express that myself. Out of the world! Wow!
When you are running against the time, and you are pressed to do certain things that take your breath for a few days, all you do is to run towards some breathing space. So did I. I listen at times to what my heart says than the mind. Mind just plays, but heart feels everything! It is that feel, is what I wanted and I listened to it just for that. And to get into that feel is an amazing experience. Experiencing that is again a feeling by itself.
What I saw to begin with, was not clear. It was not clear, not because of my sleepy eyes, but because of the view was not clear. It looked like a bright orange ball covered by dust; black and grey patches of trees and mud-spattered field. Whatever it was, it was beautiful. Taking the view inside my eyes, I went back to the dream. Perhaps! It was like I was actually dreaming.
It looked like I was on some divine motor that took me from one world to the other. And it stopped. It stopped because, I reached the destination. And the destination was the starting point of my journey. Can you believe it? I know one cannot. But believe me. I got down from the motor. As I got down, I heard a loud noise. It was like someone trying to hurt a big tree by cutting its branch. And I was right. I saw that ‘someone’ drilling the tree; with the red crown and wearing a golden jacket. And not just one tree, I saw the same play over three or four trees. May be I did not count it right. But I am certain I am not completely wrong. Do you think it feels good, when you encounter such things in front of you? I know what your answer is. But let me tell you, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed watching it. My eyes rolled over all the trees and the way trees were getting drilled. I loved the sound. And I loved every tune that came out of the tree. Well, I had to move on. I could not be stationed at the same place as it was still a start of my journey.
Crossing every milestone, embracing with the frozen air and staring at the every sight that came in front of my eyes, I was moving on. I moved on like a flowing river. No one could stop me cold. I was free. Free to an extent that I did not know where to stop. But I was stopped abruptly. Abruptly, I stopped at ecstatically delightful view of the colorful screen. For the first time again, I saw it. It looked like I am watching a video, with the dramatic colors. I thought, they came and sat in front of me. Dramatic colors of green, yellow and red painted faces. They sat on every branch of a tree. I did not see any leaves in that tree; but the tree looked complete with the folks painted in dramatic colors. I guess there were at least eight of them; one on each branch. I had never seen such a beautiful sight in my recent past. Atleast I remember it, if I did. But with in no time, the tree was empty again. Like a river without water. And that water without the flow.
Oh come on! Called me life; and I moved on. But the feeling never ended. If not the painting, I could see the whole world around me. I stood like an alien in a new world. I do not know how an alien looks, because I could not see or hear or control myself out there. I forgot all about me being there. It was like life called me there and I went there to know the meaning of why I was called for. I rotated myself in circles; all I could see was a new world. I feared to understand the depth and the distance. But I could experience the feel and feel the experience of being in a new world. I was stationed at my sub-conscious address for a while. Somebody who was wise enough knocked at my door and pulled me out of that state. Else, I would be in the nature by now! Enjoying! Happy!
Enough is enough, but the world is not enough to call it quit. Where the road ends, a new way begins. Likewise, I was at the end of the road; unwillingly. Yes, unwillingly! Never-the-less, all I wanted was to see it disappearing from my view. I waited for it. But it was on its own. Perhaps! This was the last thing I wanted, to end my day in a delight. I waited. I saw many cattle egrets flying in front of my eyes in a pattern. I thought, they are running away from me. But I was wrong. They were running faster to make sure that they do not lose the light. Like me. They will not lose! I told them the same light comes again. This is life. And this is the nature at its best. The process! May be they listened to me. By then, to my fulfillment, I saw the light going down. Serene! Leaving me in the dark for a while! But promising me comeback!
Time, just went unnoticed. I was surprised to see I reached the end of my journey started from the destination I had reached earlier. And you do not believe if I say, I experienced all these during my visit to the beautiful Tadiyandamol. Sunrise in the form of the ‘orange ball covered with dust’; trees getting drilled, rather pecked by the ‘golden-backed woodpecker’; dramatic colors painted on the tree by the eight ‘chestnut-headed bee eaters’; when I, like an alien, saw the world standing ‘on top of the peak’ understanding the depth and distance; and finally when I waited to see the ‘sun getting set for the day’; I said to myself, all these were just OUT OF THE WORLD!


Vaishnavi said...

Beautifully expressed like an allegory! Took me back to the days of my English Literature classes :-)

Raghu said...


It is really beautiful. You have given shape to the feelings which you experienced in the trip. I am quite amazed at the way you have developed the story based on the things which you observed.

Narasim said...

Simply Splendid.

You have the hallmark of a gifted writer.

The trek evidently moved you deeply. I have not seen the place but felt as if I was there.

Unknown said...

as usual the ending was great! summarized everything and connected to all the happennings...

too poetic for me :)

Manjunath Byadigere said...

Very nice one Srik,

Hope you go to more such treks and experience more out of the world feelings :)

Sudhi said...

Nice Blog!

This time you have put it in a totally different way!

Keep going!

Hari said...

If anybody needs to understand what a "Splendid imagination " mean....They should read this blog ...:)

The way you have put those words make the nature more beautiful....
You have a splendid eyes as well along with your right brain :)