Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Time to say wOw!

Yeah, the reason is I say wOw! many a times.

Whenever I come across any interesting thing that I had not heard before or whenever I read some interesting news, I say wOw! It could be anything; be it a sports news, or entertainment, or business or technology. Anything and everything around the world not restricted to Bengaluru or India. Whenever I read such information or hear them from someone else, I used to tweet it so that it reaches many of the people I know. But I felt it is not enough.

So, from many days, I have been thinking about a new initiative. And today I got time to do something about it. I thought it is time to say wOw! through my new blog wOw news!  Just another way of learning and sharing new knowledge.

I will be posting some of the interesting pieces of information ranging from all the areas mentioned above. These posts will be on issues that I would not have read before or not even aware of! These little wOws will be posted on my new blog on regular basis so that you all can read it and enjoy with me.

Now, it could be something that you may be aware of. That is still fine. You can still join me and say wOw! J And if you would like to share some of the interesting stuff you come across in your readings, you are welcome to post it here. All you need to do is to send me the content and the source. Most of the information updated here will be from the secondary sources and hence the source identity is must.

This blog will be updated whenever I come across such wOws! It could be every day or once in a week or once in a month. I am afraid if I will be flooding your mail box with updates. But if you think my mails do not bother you much, please let me know so that I can add your id to the mailing list. Else you are free to visit this blog anytime you would like to.

I have updated one entry today on the new blog:

I hope you will enjoy all the updates, participate and say wOw with me.



Unknown said...

"Wow" this is amazing! "what an idea Sirji"! :)
This itself should be put-up on this blog as the first blog!
only you can come up with something like this.keep it flowing. I'm afraid that this blog would become more popular and receives more hits than your serious-gyaan blog "shrik-journey"! :)
anyway all the best, and keep me in your mailing list of the "wow" blog

Unknown said...

Wow !!!!!!!!!

BABA said...


Vaishnavi said...

Seriously, only you can come up with this! Good job though! It's nice to document some interesting articles in one place. Easier to find on a later date.

So how do I join this mailing list and where do I send links to articles I find?