Saturday, March 20, 2010

To get-UP-and-go!

through the start, to the end I see
you are in me, invisible…
I survive by you, and that I feel
you are in me, enticing…

moving me your way, off my way…
taking me to the infinity,
to everything new, beyond sight…
and letting me lonely, with you!

speaking my heart, my mind
all at once, making me heal
the hurt of what is love,
that was then, and not now…

I would sink, if not… you
in my world of belief
that wasn’t my dream
to let me see the past…

not to let go love, from me
you got me voice, to life
aloud in my way, all alone
but, with a intrepid ‘you’ within!



Narasim said...

A very emotion laden poem. Good for you.

In summer young men's fancy turn to love in India.

Unlike North America and Europe, there is no spring or autumn season worthy of mention. As the old saying goes, in India there are two very distinct seasons: summer and hot summer.

Vaishnavi said...

Nice :)