Tuesday, March 30, 2010

One summer evening!

I noticed the walls of the buildings turn orange! and yes, it was the sunset time. I was standing at the bus stop for a long time and there was absolutely no sign of me getting the bus. I was standing under the tree which was as still as I was and perhaps, the tree looked as dull as I was because of the summer heat. No more cool breeze and no more fresh air that could smear my face to wipe of all the sweat. Instead, making me completely wet and sticky until I go back into the air-conditioned building or I rather wait for some more time to get into the air-cooled motor that would take me home comfortably. I waited.

I got into the bus and was feeling refreshed. Just like how you feel when you get to eat your favorite food when you are hungry to the core.  I seated comfortably, like a bird sitting on the branch of a beautiful green tree.  I turned around to see if any eyes were in contact with my presence. None I thought and I went into the absentminded state. I was feeling very uncomfortable for something that I did not have. And I was waiting for someone to take me out of that state. Within no time, I opened my eyes. I had to. I had no options but to miss that beautiful sight. As I stared at the beauty, I noticed that it was something that I was waiting for to come in front of me. And that was my opportunity. Like an eagle spotting its prey. I decided to go for it thinking that it’s my good time.

But, how do I go ahead? I was feeling very uncomfortable as I kept looking at an opportunity right in front of me.  My inner voice told me, “Why don’t you open your mouth and talk? Unless you do it, how can you even think of obtaining it? Go for it; nothing will happen”.

I took two deep breaths; third one and the fourth as well. I was as scared as a rat cornered by a cat. Taking the fifth breath, I said to myself, I cannot wait longer. My eyes then met with the eyes that were just opposite to me. Beautiful eyes, like eyes of a juvenile kitten. Eyes were rolling up and down, restless. For a moment, it just closed itself like a snail in the shell. And then again came out spreading the fragrance of its beauty to the world giving its sight. Looking at the restless state, I said to myself, is it the time to give it up? Or hold on, don’t give up?

As I looked at her, she knew what I wanted. Atleast I guessed as much. But I did not get any signs of her being positive to it. Or perhaps! I thought she was waiting for me to initiate the conversation first. That was more likely a possibility can be. I nodded to myself reassuring that I still have the chance. And finally, I made the first move. I signed to her. She did not understand. I tried the second time, she did not get it. She was dumbstruck and remained the same for some time. Like a lonely elephant self protecting from tourists. I did not give up. But I changed my approach. I signed using my hands and eyes both. Her eyes turned from red to blue. Her beautiful pink lips started making movements. I thought, perhaps it is time for her to speak up.  I felt relieved. But she didn’t. However, she understood what I was trying to tell her. But I could not open my mouth; I could not speak. My throat was as dry as the dry river in the summer. And perhaps, that was the whole point.

A few minutes later, she got convinced with what my intention was and I finally succeeded in my effort. I was happy and full of life within no time. Bliss! Looking at me, even her eyes signed some relief. There were no other expectations. Even I had no expectations other than that. She was a kind of person I was waiting for to share my expectations and come out of the problem where I was in. Luckily she had the solution for the problem I had. She took me out of that uncomfortable state I was in.

After getting what I wanted and till the time I felt happy about it, I looked at her and then thanked her for giving me the bottle of drinking water that took off my thirst on a summer evening!



Narasim said...

Good imaginative story.

It is not clear what your true intentions were.

Raghu said...

Wow! Your imagination is really nice.

Vaishnavi said...

I am with Narasim on this one. What were your true intentions?!

Unknown said...

ha ha ha,,,,,,,,,,,,, finally you told the intension!!!!!!!!

sajana said...

hmmmmmm..... A story to quench ur thirst ?? ;)

Manjunath Byadigere said...

good one srik...