Thursday, March 4, 2010

Turahalli hillock truly 'Rocks'

It was a much awaited event for all the climbers in and around Bengaluru. I think people even travelled from other cities to attend the Rock Climbing fest organised at Turahalli on February21st, 2010. I had visited Turahalli couple of times before along with my climber friends, but I had not tried much of the climbing at Turahalli.

Please read my experience and more details on the Rock Climbing Fest at Turahalli published in Citizen Matters at the following link:



Manjunath Byadigere said...

Nice write up Srikanth.

I had read your well written article in Citizen Matters, but could not comment due to time constraints.It gives us a good account of the passion involved in Rock Climbing and also concern shown by the climbing community towards nature conservation.

Dr Manjunath Byadigere

Raghu said...

Nice presentation of things.

It is good to know that your articles are reaching wider audience through citizen matters. Hope it helps to nurture the interests of many.