Saturday, April 17, 2010


At times it happens
that you feel at loss,
looks like a fight
far from the sight,
you hold your breath
and think in depth,
make yourself move
come out of the awe,
you tend to play hard
and yet it gets mad,
it will be unexpected
of nothing expected,
everything looks far
from all that is near,
you change the way
but ain’t big to say,
deep in the trouble
thinking you aren’t able,
you look for the light
to alter things right,
you say everything ‘yes’
and end up in a mess,
it looks very chaotic
and to experience is toxic,
every minute is a warning
and you start worrying,
too big for a failure
when it is not too sure,
you think of a solution
there isn’t really a problem,
you stand behind the wall
that might just fall,

when all such illusions
tend to take you away,
try doing nothing
but ask yourself…why?



Sudhi said...

Nice One!

Narasim said...

Faced with profound ambiguities of life an "illiterate peasant" woman I knew used to say:

Choice Amidst Paradox Defines Life.

The question why is one of those infinite regression questions. For instance, this universe of ours started with the Big Bang answers the question how but does not answer the question why.

All the same, we need to keep on struggling with the question why?

Raghu said...

Why is onething which doesn't really have an end. Just that one Why leads to another Why. That's the beauty of Why.

Manjunath Byadigere said...

Just three days ago, when I was teaching my undergraduate students, I was discussing the importance of 'why', the simple sounding three letter word which has hidden knowledge and education deep beneath it.For everything my students answered I went on asking 'why?'...after sometime they went rolling with laughter, but at the end of it I was sure I gave them something to think.

Nice one Srik...

Doc Manjunath

Vaishnavi said...

I needed to read this now! Thanks!