Friday, May 28, 2010

tale of the wild

disappearing often
at the call of wild
into an infinity where
my spirit talks to me
and answers, why?

aesthetic pleasure
ain’t seem right but
a chance to discover
by walking, dreaming
dreaming, walking!

awestruck by its beauty
loving the way its seen
wondering how it evolved
fearing about future and
crave for its presence!

many lives passes by
feeling its presence but,
unnoticing wilderness
of its heart and character
that gives more power…

seeing all that and more
entering an awe of spirits
that fills my blood with itself
to make me learn as much
and to answer the point,

it sends me back with a tale!



Sudhi said...

Nice one!

Narasim said...

Nature leaves many imprints behind. It is our own nature that determines what is cherished.

In this instance, I am afraid that the deeper message of your poem escapes me.

Vaishnavi said...

I guess nature does this to us...