Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Wish!

I made it wait longer
than one would think;
without any courage though;
and then, I was called again from
a life that is delivering a new life…

with a sense of restlessness
and the anxiety over the delay,
taking it as my last chance,
punishing my ignorance,
I ran over the dark clouds
to fulfill that wish!

the moment I did it
i was back to the life
with a wholesome heart
to hear exciting tales…

to touch the life and
a new life inside,
that is waiting to be born
to explore the world!

overwhelming moments
that froze my feelings
and took over my ignorance
and made it unseen …

as I walked out of emotions
and with a bigger smile,
while I fulfilled a wish of my friend,
clouds thundered and rained me bliss!



Narasim said...

There is a century old saying:

There is a Mozart in each one of us trying to get out.

It appears as though each one of us as individuals and society around us somehow constrains us to give vent to latent originality. There is also the real possibility that the overwhelming majority of us are incapable of genius.

Whatever the reason nothing prevents us from striving to excel.

Your brief poem captures the inner struggle well.

Vaishnavi said...

Blogger, photographer, entrepreneur...and now poet...any more hats you are hiding in there?!

Samparka said...

Wonderful sir !! Lovely thoughts !!