Wednesday, June 2, 2010


monsoons are back,
so are strong winds,
green trees are wet,
and birds in their nest

sun is unknown,
eyes are pleasant,
rain drops on my face,
and moon is smiling

city sounds quiet,
but rain is heard,
road looks lonely,
only am walking, slow

the night is dark,
only clouds are lit,
back in the street,
lights on, and off

am back at home,
my feet is damp,
silence all around,
and cat is still awake

doors are closed,
a window is open,
my mind is outside,
tis’ a great feeling!



BABA said...

super aagide....

Narasim said...

Monsoon can do wonders for the spirit.

You have evoked it well.

Vaishnavi said...

I know! Monsoons are here!

Raghu said...

Well, your poem very well depict the arrival of Monsoons. I am loving the monsoons.

Monsoons bring lot more to our lives.