Wednesday, June 30, 2010

where I belong

I get to see new things,
I work to experience the unknown
to learn, to share and evolve
In the process, I create myself
out of nowhere to a certainty
where I involve in relationships
and outgrow to my targets
with the fear of competition
till I get to see uneven results

I appear to be fine and well
to do, well to be with or not
or to those who I care about
with less strength to protect
myself, and others, if any
depending on a territory
where I never believed
that in my living dreams  
I belonged here ever

doing is all good here and
being is a far imagination
mind works with commitment
and heart is real, not here
but there, is life, mine
of my dreams and heart
that I wait for everyday
I am not, yet not there
where I do belong



Narasim said...

Emotive poem. Good for you.

Every day is self-discovery. It is important to treat life as a precious gift and try to figure out why you were given the gift.

Anonymous said...

Lovely poem.. nicely put words !!

its a journey of life after all :)