Friday, July 16, 2010


inclining to self and to believe in,
to decide what is mine and not
it isn’t new to lose opportunity
on the other side of my choice
I learnt it young, played and
appears now a awful pattern 

taking away from my hand,
but yet leaving it right to the time
having known the delicacies
but cleansing for a self in me
what it promises, I break
and what it breaks, I break again

far in a corner, expecting a none
when everything seems a vow
failing to win over what I want
still thinking of a time expired
but dreaming over the future
where my choices still live

its not a letdown, but truth
that I enjoy at times, I do
after all, choice was mine
to disprove the only choice
and think of a bigger place
where choices are mine



Narasim said...

Good for you that you are still dreaming.

The day you stop dreaming you might as well die.

kelvin s.m. said...

...i like the dose of tranquility applied in every lines...