Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I looked through the window
and the glass
through the rain drops
and the rain
dark in the night
lit by the city colors
seen so many faces
and many lives

I looked through the window
of my mind
through my heart
and my will
of what is to be done
waiting with no time
to show new moon
for all those faces
of my vision



Hari said...

The bluRr is clear and concise!!!

The faces look different based on how you view them ....just through the window or through your mind or through the mind of the faces outside.....

Narasim said...

You have captured the reality of life in very few words.

In a real sense, when you reflect upon it, life itself is a blur.

Only when you see through the blur with an iron will can you achieve anything and leave a legacy. Otherwise the precious gift of life will be wasted.

Simply Poet said...

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