Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wet monsoon heaven

It was one of those days where you have only one day in the wilderness to look around, observe, learn and bring back some good amount of knowledge and memories. And that was my half weekend. In 24 hours, driving around 700+ kms, in the rain, to the serene world, observing some of the amazing flora and fauna in the wild, wondering about them and capturing them in my lens to make sure they are with me till the end. What I witnessed was perhaps the best given the synchronization that happened between the 'right' time and 'my' feelings. Now, back at home, smearing over the memories of that one day and ending up with this photo essay on the same. I am not even sure if this is even a 1% justification of what was actually witnessed through my lucky eyes. Let me try. 

A chilly welcome into the western ghats through a cloud-fall in front of us

Now that it was wild, we had our first disappointed wildlife sighting. A porcupine was dead and no idea how it happened. 

Moving on to the higher altitudes means a sign of hope for many new beautiful creations. And so we spotted some beautiful orchids. 

Conchidium sp

Calanthe sp

Dendrobium sp

Mimic of a Bharatanatyam dancer - Peristylus sp

Higher altitude and during monsoon means there is much more scope for lot of other wild flowers to bloom. As we further moved on the wet floors,  we saw these little beauties. 

Gorgeous Impatiens 

Chlorophytum sp

 Impatiens scapiflora

You would wonder if I do not post any pictures of a waterfall. And so, here it is. One of those random waterfalls among many hundreds in the wild. 

To end my story, I want to take you all completely into the trance. A dream world where you can see nothing but what you call 'Heaven' or a 'Paradise'. Ready for it? go ahead...

How did it feel?

So much to wonder!

That is the end of this photo blog. The places you witnessed through my captured sets are from the mountain range what we call as Chickmang-La: a pass that connects the Kemmangundi and Mullayyanagiri range of mountains.

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Unknown said...

Awesome. Monsoon had never looked so beautiful. Thanks for capturing and sharing!

Narasim said...

Great photographs from a wonderful place.

Moisture in the air makes the pictures come alive.

shravana said...

excellent photos and nice write up



Unknown said...

Amazing snaps Srik.
Your snaps and the breif comments inspired me to visit Western ghats during monsoon!

Sudhi said...

Great photos!

Looks like Heaven on Earth !

Vaishnavi Vittal said...

As much as you say that the photos may not do justice to what you actually saw, they are absolutely beautiful!