Sunday, September 5, 2010

being just

thinking of what it is
to know and to make
of all expired times
experienced, ever!
speaking to the wall,
reflecting my mind
on overdue thoughts,
of times I quit, often
to see the world open
forcing to the edge
to complete myself
with my own actions.

questioning my mind
and letting it go beyond
my world and words
to see it like any other
of many such times
face up to realities
of those that matters
and adds to see myself
taking that very step
like everything else
to quit
and to start again!


1 comment:

Narasim said...

It is good to see you undertaking that long arduous journey of self-discovery.

Ultimately, a just society is possible only when each one of us sees the other as oneself.

In this regard the Early Upanishads (640 BCE) were pointing to a profound truth when they were urging us to find Brahman in Atman.