Monday, September 20, 2010

Surprising KotebetTa

With a blank memory and a sleepy state, I started listening to some melody in the nature. I thought I was in a dream and got carried away with my sleep. But, I heard the calls repeatedly for the next ten minutes and I then realized that it was not a dream. I opened my eyes to a blue morning and as I saw myself sitting on the front seat of the motor that took us from Bangalore to the place I had never been before. I saw many Grey Hornbills, playing early in the morning making its hysterical cackling, laughing and screeching calls waking up strangers like me. I was awestruck with the way they were playing around unnoticing me or the strange vehicle in front of them. I captured them in my sleepy eyes and that gave me a beautiful sight for the day. It was freezing cold and a beautiful blue morning. I saw a bunch of wagtails chirping around and making the morning silence more melodious and romantic to just do nothing but FEEL!

It was just a thought of getting used to my new hiking boots before the bigger camp ahead in the coming days, and ended up chosing a not-known-earlier place called Kotebetta which is 25 km from Madikeri. The fact that the peak is in Coorg and supposed to be the third highest peak (1600m) in Coorg, tempted me more to witness it in person for a day. That was how I showed up at the Hattihole with my two other friends from where the trek begins.

It was an easy walk in the beginning and getting into the green land was so special that the clouds embraced us with beautiful drizzle welcoming us into the dreamland. As I walked more, I noticed a lot of flowers impatiently dancing and waiting for us to see them in full bloom. As I appreciated their dance, a lot of parakeets’ tuned in and made lovely background music. My shooter could not stop capturing those little beauties which were so special to me that day.

 My boots went through some hard terrain, rocks, water streams, and slippery paths and I was all happy about it being treated. At the same time, I never expected any shoe bites but I did expect my friends to bite me as usual. There were only a few of them and smaller in size too. May be leeches in Kotebetta are too friendly to bite.

All along the way, I saw different variety of ferns and I was sure that the habitat is exceptionally beautiful and a good habitat for a lot of flora and fauna. As expected I started spotting beautiful orchids. They were so beautiful that I could not move faster and I could not miss spotting even a tiny flower.

It was quite mysterious to find the peak as we had to cross around 3-4 peaks to see the actual peak. So it was fun filled with wonderful valley views. Cloud play continued all along the peak. Once we reached the higher altitude, I was captivated with what I saw. It was like valley of flowers. The whole place was full of colorful wild flowers.  I was utterly happy and spellbound seeing such a beautiful place.

Because this place is not known much, there were none at the peak. Only three of us struck by the beauty were at the peak. Cloud covered us completely while we rested at the temple at the peak. Temperature in my watch had reached 18 degrees already. Clouds were very playful with us and did not allow us to see the complete valley at once.

Having enjoyed the ascent in the dreamland, decent was a little disappointing that I was supposed to return to Bangalore. But the feel that I got in the peak will remain longer than I can think. While descending we encountered the rain but it was meant to be. What fun will I have without the rain during my last trek in this monsoon?

We got down by the evening and returned to Bangalore. KotebetTa is a place I will go back again. Very soon.



Narasim said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the evocative narrative.

The photographs, as usual, are excellent. The one that captured my imagination is the one that looks like an elephant trunk.

It is a pleasant surprise that not many people know about kotebetta.

Anonymous said...

The flowers looks really awesome kano... How is the trek.. is it easy or ? ...

whats the distance to cover ?

Sudhi said...

It is really beautiful place!

Enjoyed Trekking...

Srik said...

@sudhi-11in: Trek is moderate. 10km to the peak that makes 20km round trip. :)

Manjunath Byadigere said...

Hi Srik,
Nice commentary and wonderful snaps.The orchids and ferns are beautiful. This surely should be the beginning for the trek beginning next week! Enjoy. Keep posting photos and write ups.

Venkatesh said...

Refreshing blog. The floral density and variety is amazing. Your photographs are too good.


MEROPS said...

Srikk !! So good to read about your trip ! Must say.. you are doing really really well with your Ca-me-ra ! Lovely photographs ! :)
Now... Me want to go there toooo !

Srik said...

@Sangeetha: Thanksu :)

We can go there and camp one day! It will be awesome!

Vaishnavi Vittal said...

hey the photographs are simply superb! Hope your next trip is an even more amazing one!