Monday, September 13, 2010

Suz flies by!

hard to believe the time
how it got us closer
of dreams and the likes
not much of past, but
those lively moments
allowed me in synergy
giving me a company
to share adventures
and much laughter!

knowing you was luck
slowly for a uphill walk
to shout out our lives
and capturing frames
for a rewinding time, waiting
for it again, like a leech,
to explore more along
with heartfelt wishes
may you come back soon!

and the time flies by,
Suz... saying by-e by-e! 



Anonymous said...

Gud one..

Def it was awesome time .. the last 10 years with him in India was just amazing.. wishing him all the success :)

Will miss you here in India !!

SuZ said...

Thanks Srik for the lovely poem. Loved the 'waiting like leech' comparison.

Its seldom that I get very close to people in a short time. This was one of those cases with you. I will miss our outings and the planning which went into them...Will definitely miss India

Will definitely come back...:)