Saturday, January 22, 2011

do it right

its 'our' property
our right-
not to burn them
not to destroy
throw stones

only when, 
only if
'we' think it is 'ours'
and not
its somebody else's
we succeed 
as a nation

doing it wrong
perhaps a
characterless act
it right, right 
show respect
respect yourselves!

give up the bad...



Sudhi said...

Very true...

We need to think that this country is ours !

I hope people will change their thinking now.

Narasim said...

You have captured our social malaise very well in a pithy verse.

The destruction of property during the bandh on Saturday was most distressing. What is so troubling is that a small group of people can disrupt the lives of so many to make a political statement. In a liberal democratic society people have a right to express themselves.

Some resort to vandalism because they obviously do not think that public property is their property. Literally they own it and yet they do not show awareness of it.

Sad. You have said this better.

BABA said...

Very much true.

Unless we think that the public property is our own, these vandalism keeps happening. Hoping for a day when people wake up and protest in a peaceful manner.

RG said...

Beautifully expressed, Srik!

Srik said...

Thanks RG!