Wednesday, January 12, 2011


"make the best"

Is it functional?
Is it multifunctional?
Is it durable?
Does it fit our customer?
Is it as simple as possible?
Is the product line simple?
Is it an innovation or an invention?
Is it a global design?
Is it easy to care for?
Does it have any added value?
Is it authentic?
Is it art?
Are we just chasing market?
Are we designing for our customer?
Have we done our homework?
Is it timely?
Does it cause any unnecessary harm?

Is it beautiful?

1 comment:

Hari said...

and the thoughts from the other side,

Does it ease my effort?
Does it solve my problem?
Can i afford it?
Is it worth my money?
DO i need it now?
Will i be proud owning it?
Does it fit into my personality and add to it?

Does it give me true happiness?