Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Morning in Pondy

It was a long while
since I hit the shores
and here I was 
standing on the bay
walking, talking 
all alone 
in the serene 
auro beach one morning
I was there before the sun
I woke up before him
to welcome him to the world
of 'not enoughs'
with not enough light
and to lit 
fishermen seemed very busy
in their own routine 
of catching not-the-fish
but their food 
by loading their boats 
with again not-enoughs
of desires and demands
of those on the luxury land
becoming sel(f)ish
with life on control
a walk towards the serenity
perhaps, untied the best
to feel, to joy
to more

that it takes me to the new
breaking the barriers 
of self and the imagined
with an open mind
to see  

they waited for the light
and for their stuff
to make it a deal
not to lose hope 
and the sun peeked out
to see those fishermen
and the world
to protect 
and gift them good 
making it colorful
like gold
like afresh, anew
spreading through the day
of many million lives
a richness to live 
waves carry light
all the times
oscillating like life
back and forth
till the edge 
until it is absorbed 
by the world 
people often get enlightened
going by its phenomenon
perhaps the only reason
why they crave for it
every day, every life 
a time comes
for us to return to our world
out of the trance
enjoyed enough
without knowing 'not enoughs' 
in the other world
and we tend to leave 
no indications
of where we were
and what we did
and why 
we often look back
and try to recall
those moments
of trance and gold
to be sure of
going back 
one more time 
visioning what it is
on a long walk on a long beach
here I am 
back to my own 
journey of life!



Anu said...

Good one Sri. I have been to this place but it never looked so beautiful. Very nice pics :)

Vaishnavi said...

Hey love the pics, absolutely beautiful. I have never been to Auro beach, maybe on my next visit I shall not miss it..

Narasim said...

The photographs, as usual, are excellent. The accompanying prose-poetry is very evocative of the visuals.

The fifth photo from the bottom is breathtakingly beautiful.

Sel(f)ishly I enjoyed the journey.

Nani said...

these are not pictures...this is art...well done