Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Excerpt from the book - Breaking free of Nehru by Sanjeev Sabhlok

"But while Europeans explored new ideas and sent exploratory expeditions to all parts of the world, while they discovered new continents as far away as Australia and America and populated them, India put on blinkers around its eyes and turned inwards to save its soul. Not only was individual freedom not on the agenda of pre-1757 India, there was no ambition even to conquer the world. Great ambition is a great driver of progress but India displayed none; it still perhaps has none. Arrogance without ambition - a combination destined to guarantee mediocrity."


Sigh! I often think why we remain backwards compared to other western societies; both in terms of thinking and the growth. Wonder whether there were at least some people like now, how there are let-us-google-and-see kind of people existed during the past when it was really required! or whether there were just the frogs in the deep wells and now wondering where was the actual GAP?!


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