Wednesday, March 16, 2011


We often walk on the same road
we meet with the same faces
we go by the same bus
and we chose the same seats
perhaps everyday

we talk with the same voices
and we share same stories
we hear the same pain
and we connect same dots
and almost always

we read the same newspapers
perhaps same old boring topics
we follow the same leaders
and we make similar opinions
we do by choice

we almost do the same job
we eat at the same place
we smile the same smile
we stare at the same person
everyday unconditionally

but, what if, we change
to be different
when we have all the time,
choices in our hands,
and an ability to be free!?



Harish said...

I remembered the first five minutes of the great movie " Dombivali Fast" .This poem aptly suits as a background for that :)

Definitely "we need to change" and also "bring change" !!


RG said...

This simple poem reminds me a tip I recommend in my creativity workshops, namely, to start doing small things in our daily routine a bit differently. Examples could be using the left hand (if you are right-handed) to mix your coffee, taking a different route from the railway station or bus stop when walking home, or ordering something you have never ordered at your favorite restaurant. Another tip, which I believe would be after your heart, Srik, is to notice the trees near your home or office--the shapes of branches and colors of leaves.

Such actions create a new experience and kindle a little bit of excitement, which oils the creative machinery in the brain.

Srik said...

@Hari: Thanks for your interesting reference to the movie. I loved the first 5 min.

@RG: Thank you very much for commenting. I absolutely agree on all your suggestions. I loved your reference to the observation of trees. It is a great hobby to have and will give a different meaning for life. With reference to the same, I am not sure if you have heard of a new citizen science project called SeasonWatch. If not, please go through the same. It will be an exciting participation and a great learning for sure.

Unknown said...

actually we choose to talk the same language, choose to be the same as the other one only to have company. pobably behind that similar smile, there is a unique character embedded.
however nice observation captured uniquely