Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Excerpt from the book - Breaking free of Nehru by Sanjeev Sabhlok

"Let India become a place of respect-worthy people and not a land of cowards, each coward begging for a little 'extra marks' from others. If you were to call me backward I would be extremely angry. And yet today, entire groups of people seek to be labelled as backward! This is a clear sign of great people who have lost their way. Let all men and women of India forget their social and economic past, and stand up as Indians - no less, no more. Let each person meet the great challenge of making the greatest possible contribution to society by dint of his or her determination, hard work and merit. Let  the best man or woman win in every field of life in India."

Powerful. Yet, how many more to be empowered? to be free. How many more to be touched? to be free. How many more to be made responsible? to be free. 



Anonymous said...

Still wonder why he left to Australia. Or is it a testimony of the corruption?

Srik said...

perhaps! not enough support. Also being in the system its difficult to change things. Once you move outside, its like you are not strong enough!