Friday, April 1, 2011

Let's unleash India

Here is my latest book review I wrote for the Bookrack. Bookrack facilitated this book to me from Sanjeev couple of weeks back and I tried to give my best feed back about the same. One can read the review on the Bookrack site at the below link. This book is all about unleashing India and bringing the real 'freedom' for India. It is also a good handy guide for all the citizens of India in overcoming a lot of problems that we are facing everyday. Unfortunately, after all his great efforts in changing the system, accepting his failure (perhaps, due to lack of support) the author has left India and now is an Australian citizen. Nevertheless, he is still a game to free India from many of the systemic failures that are caused due to the early Nehruvian socialist policies. Please read my detailed review to know more about the book.

Please feel free to give your feedback about my review either at my original post or here.

Link to the review here: Breaking Free of Nehru

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