Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Failing Logic of Money

Here is my latest review of an excellent book that I wrote for the BookRack. 

I received this book couple of weeks back from Duane Mullin. And I was pleased to see the note by him saying ‘Thanks for your time’ with his autograph. Actually now I need to thank him for all the time he has taken to write such a brilliant book. Sometimes I felt he spoke my mind. Absolutely!

Please read the detailed review to understand the summary of the book. It answers some of the critical questions like why poor becoming poor and the rich becoming richer?, why do we experience recession when the money is not disappeared anywhere? and explains the failed logic of money very well. The book is also power packed with a lot of radical ideas to make ourselves shift from the current money based economy to the 'Earth' based economy. Duane Mullin has done a brilliant job in presenting his radical ideas through this book. 

Please feel free to give your feedback about my review either at my original post or here.

Link to the review here: The Failing Logic of Money 

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