Wednesday, April 13, 2011

failing logic

Excerpt from the book- The failing logic of money by Duane Mullin

It is simply more profitable to kill, destroy and maim than it is to re-think and restructure the energy needs of the aggressor nation peacefully. It remains the principal of slave and slave master played out on an international stage; it remains the lazy but aggressive neighbor. Another clear benefit of war to the establishment is that each missile, each tank, plane, gun and bullet, body armour and body bag represents an item of profit for a corporation somewhere. While people are dying and civilian lives disrupted there is an elite group of people growing fat from the financial profits of suffering. They are remote and distant from the smell of death, living fantastic lifestyles whilst the profits they make but respect that they don't deserve and acceptance when they should be vilified and exposed as the inhuman beasts they are. But of course these people can buy us and are even seen as role-models of success, so we try to please them for an opportunity to earn some of their money. 

The more I think about how it all works, the more I am convinced that there is nothing good in the whole process. It is because of our engineered dependence on money that we compromise on our basic good nature and accept a role killing people we don't know. And because we are in need for money we accept terrible things that happen around us; in fact, the dependence on money causes people to feel helpless, stop thinking and close down their humanity.


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