Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Excerpt from the book - Great Soul by Joseph Lelyveld

In India today, the term "Gandhian" is ultimately synonymous with social conscience; his example - of courage, persistence, identification with the poorest, striving for selflessness - still has a power to inspire, more so even than his doctrines of nonviolence and techniques of resistance, certainly more than his assorted dogmas and pronouncements on subjects like spinning, diet, and sex. It may not happen often, but the inspiration is still there to be imbibed; and when it is, the results can still be called Gandhian, even though the man himself, that great soul, never liked or accepted the word. 

(It was Joseph Lelyveld in the above paragraph, making his ending remarks about the Great Soul)


We surely know when the term 'Gandhian' is chanted and when it is not. It is an inspiration for sure but for the actions that still are un-welcomed in 'Gandhian' way.

And perhaps, many are not even aware of what it actually means.


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