Sunday, May 15, 2011

Special Sunday visitor

Well, after a long time I thought of spending a lazy Sunday, without much of activities. Now that all my treks and outdoor trips have come down drastically since the last couple of months, thanks to all my new projects and long meetings during the weekends, there is no other option but to be in Bengaluru. 

More than anything, I thought of just resting today and sleep enough to catch up with all my pending sleep hours. I did not turn on the alarm on my mobile. I was all set for a 24 hour sleep (just saying). Yeah! that was required.

But, to my bad luck, I forgot all about my friends who would wake me up exactly at 6 am irrespective of how deep I am in my sleep. It does not matter if I am in a sound sleep or unconscious in my dreams. They come, they wake me up and if I dont listen to them, they shout harder to make sure I wake up and say 'good morning' to them. Today it was a bit more special; I had an unusual visitor, I heard a sweet voice amidst all the others. But, in my usual way of avoiding them, I closed my ears with my pillow and tried getting back to sleep. 

I could not sustain my curiosity and that sweet little voice was persistent enough in my ears so that I wake up and see who it is. In my half sleep state, I opened the door and started looking for the new friend. There are two big trees in front of my house. One is the Pongemia and the other is the Bauhinia (I think Bauhinia purpurea). It was a real test for me to connect that voice to my eye sight. And there it was, sweetly sitting on the Bauhinia tree and shouting out 'Good morning' to me. I connected with it through my eyes and through my ears and lost in its melody for a while. It was sitting beautifully amidst all my Koel friends, my regular 6 am visitors. This was my first sighting of this beautiful bird - Great tit - on this tree since 3 years (in Vijayanagar). 

Great tit (Parus major) on the Bauhinia tree
My day was made. It was as good as me opening my eyes on a Saturday morning in a forest or on a mountain. 

When I took out my camera to photograph it, it looked as if it did not notice me and was lost in its own world singing and jumping; allowing me to wonder in awe to make my sighting worthy enough. 

Hope the bird stays on for a little longer and hope I hear its calls every day and feel good to start my day! The only fear for me is that these birds keep jumping on the electric wires. They anyway look camouflaged in all these trees on the streets. No idea how to make these birds avoid them.

I only wish I can talk to these birds and they listen to my words!



Narasim said...

Great photographs of beautiful birds.

It is good to see such birds in a major metropolis. Maybe, if we all plant more trees we will all see more birds and enjoy the music that they create at dawn.

Bird feet are insulated and unless they make a poor landing they are fine. My concern is with people troubling them rather than electricity singing them.

In any case, it is good to see someone waking you up early.

Manjunath Byadigere said...

Wonderful photos Srik,

I guess the birds are coming to you now as you have stopped going in search of them! Why dont you come and stay in my house for sometime so that we can do photography and our NGO works together ;)

Unknown said...

It's hard for me sometimes to hear tha alarm itself, i wonder how you can wake-up for tiny tweets!
I always felt that I have nothing for me in birding. And I'm now realizing how many days I've missed the tweets of birds around me and the opportunities associated with them to enrich my life's experience. I will start birding too. thanks for sharing this experince and creating a new opening for me

Vaishnavi said...

Is this bird commonly found in Bangalore?

Srik said...

Yeah! its commonly found in and around Bangalore. But first time for me in front of my house in 3 years.