Friday, July 8, 2011

the age of imagination

A post that moved me!

Excerpt from the article here:

We say we want children to achieve at the highest level—to be the next generation of great scientists and innovators and artists and world leaders—yet the system we’ve put in place makes it nearly impossible for each child to reach their potential. Those worst off are typically the ones whose unique skills and talents we need the most—the most creative thinkers, the natural innovators, the ones who find comfort in the discomfort of not knowing, fearless in the pursuit of their vision.

Link to the article: The educational value of creative disobedience


Well, I can also relate to the story very much and it is in sync with my life in many cases. While we realize the importance of the experimental learning, we still tend to think on how are we supposed to do it. There are a lot of folks around who are struggling hard to do such things. I was talking to a friend of mine today and he said he is trying his best to make his son learn the experimental attitude. In spite of the current system not supporting the current generation kids in learning what is actually 'essential'. And not to let them waste their age of imagination as it is rightly pointed in the article.

All that is required is to help them think, fail, think, fail, think, fail and the process goes on. In the process, the actual learning happens! and hopefully something gets created. 



Anonymous said...

You know what Srik, if every one thinks like this then sab ki nikal padi!:) !!

Good thinking and loved the flying pigeons theme.

I love pigeons! I gave them food sometimes and mom gives water, everyday. They fly around and sometimes enter our home, break few things.hehe

Srik said...

he he! I know!

Ah cool.. good to know you play with pigeons. :)