Thursday, August 11, 2011

depth in change

Excerpt from the book - Five minds for the future by Howard Gardner

Conditions in the world are changing significantly. consequent upon these changes, certain goals, capacities and practices might no longer be indicated, or might even come to be seen as counterproductive. For example, before the invention of the printing press, when books were scarce, it was vital for individuals to cultivate a faithful and capacious verbal memory. Now that books (and notebook-sized search engines) are readily available, this goal and the attendant mnemonic practices - are no longer at a premium. On the other hand, the ability to survey huge bodies of information - print and electronic - and to organize that information in useful ways looms more important than ever. Changing conditions may also call for new educational aspirations. - Gardner


and we still continue to follow the old style, we continue to no-follow the change, we continue to teach the same for generations, we continue to say - "we have been doing it this way for so long that we know it is right"?


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